Improving Employee Attitudes

When you run a sweeper company, you know that your crews are everything. They are the ones out there on a daily and nightly basis representing your business getting the difficult work done for your contracts. Hopefully, you’ve hired great people that make your enterprise the best it can be. Sometimes people’s attitudes can change, which can be a big issue. Your employees can be great at first, but then you notice a subtle shift. Maybe they are dissatisfied with something outside of work that’s bleeding over into their work life, or it could be something about the job that’s grating on their nerves. Either way, as an employer in the sweeping industry, you want to improve employee attitudes fast. The health of your company depends on it. Here are a few ways to improve employee attitudes, so that the negativity doesn’t affect your successful operation.

Take Time To Celebrate Milestones And Achievements
This goes a long way to keeping your employees and crews happy to be with your organization. Celebrate milestones and achievements with them. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but a mention at your weekly meeting, if you have them, or a small token of your appreciation works. This could be a gift card to Starbucks or their favorite fast food place. Showing your crews that you value their longevity and commitment to your company can give them a boost in morale, which will improve their attitude over the long run.

Offer Better Benefits
If you feel like the benefits you offer could be improved, now is the time to do it. Reevaluate your packages including insurance options to see if there are better packages available for less money out-of-pocket for your employees. They will appreciate the savings and the excellent coverage for themselves and their families. Great benefits go a long way to retaining happy employees.

Have Some Fun
It can’t be work, work, work all the time and zero play. You have to inject some fun into the company’s spirits. A few ideas could be a holiday party, an outing somewhere interesting, or just a paid day off out of the blue. Have a parking lot tailgate party for a Sunday football game, or better yet spring for tickets for everyone to go to your pro sports team’s game. Surprises like this show your crews that you care about their health and well being. They are working their hardest for you and deserve to have a little fun on occasion.

Weed Out Those With Negative Attitudes
A negative attitude is catching like the flu. Once one person becomes very negative, they can spread that to their co-workers with just a look or a few words. Negative people love to bring others into their misery. The best way to deal with this is to have a meeting with that person to get to the bottom of why they are unhappy in their job or situation. It could be something you can quickly fix for them. For example, say they are unhappy about a part of their schedule. If you can be flexible with them and it’s an easy fix for you as an employer, then just showing that you care may be enough to turn around a bad attitude.

Hire People With Great Attitudes In The First Place
Hindsight is a bit 20/20 on this one, but when you are in the process of hiring your employees really look into their attitude. Ask the right questions about how they handle certain situations to get some perspective on their overall outlook on life. Look for those positive people to add to your organization and you’ll be rewarded with great people that have better attitudes in the first place.

Show Your Appreciation
When running a sweeping company, the day-to-day operation leaves little time for much else. You do have to show your appreciation to your crews and office staff. Make sure you tell them what a great job they are doing routinely with a simple, “thank you” at the appropriate times. You wouldn’t believe how often employers let this simple fact go. Thank you is a powerful statement to make to those that are working hard for you. Keeping that in mind and following through with this simple act of verbal appreciation can make all the difference in the world for an employee’s attitude, adjusting it the right way into glowing positivity. That might be an overstatement, but at the very least they’ll be happier to be there for you.

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