Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Employees

In the classic holiday movie starring Chevy Chase, “Christmas Vacation,” Clark W. Griswold was expecting a significant holiday bonus but ended up with a “jelly of the month” club gift instead from his company. Needless to say, he was beyond upset. He might have kidnapped his boss after that. Anyway, that’s an extreme, and funny example but the point is that you can really disappoint your employees this holiday with the wrong gift. Don’t be that boss.

Your Sweeping Crews Work Hard For You
In the sweeping industry, you probably have a bunch of very hard working crews and office staff that you want to take care of this holiday season. If you regularly do monetary gifts for your employees in the form of a bonus, keep at it! Who doesn’t need a little extra cash this holiday season? Everyone is grateful for a little extra cheese in their pockets.
If you don’t normally do a money bonus (Grinch! Just kidding.) but always go with a gift instead there are some great options to choose from. Get creative this year with your holiday gift ideas for your employees, because they will be truly grateful for your effort and appreciation.

Gift Cards To Retail Stores They Actually Go To
Gift cards might not be the most original present to your employees, but they are appreciated when the gift cards are to places that people actually go to. Places like Best Buy for electronics, Walmart or Target for everyday goods, Carhartts for work gear, and even grocery store gift cards can take the financial burden off of people this holiday season. Or you can just buy Visa or American Express gift cards that they can use anywhere they want to.

Men’s Specialty Grooming Products
High-end Wahl or Norelco shaving systems are a great gift for many guys on your crew. People rarely splurge on that kind of item for themselves. They are probably using old ones they have had for years. There are other men’s grooming products, but a terrific shaver is always appreciated.

Restaurant or Coffee Gift Cards For Break Time
Who doesn’t like to eat out? Or grab coffee at Starbucks on the go? Basically, everyone does, so these types of gift cards make a nice gift idea. Even fast food places in your area are also welcome if you know your crews frequent places like Chipotle, McDonald’s, or Burger King.

Experience Presents That Rock
This might be tickets to concerts, theater shows, comedy clubs, gift cards for the movies in your area if you have some film buffs on your crews, or even overnight stays at cool hotels around your city. This is always a fun gift for families during the winter months. A weekend getaway at a hotel with a pool can be a welcome break from their regular routines.

Sporting Events For The True Fan
If you have some sports fanatics on your crews, you might spring for packages of tickets to basketball, football, or hockey games. Or you can think ahead for spring and purchase MLB baseball tickets for the 2018 season. The league has decided for 2018 to go with a true blanket “Opening Day” for all 30 teams on March 29, 2018, so opening day tickets are on sale now.

Extra Days Off That Are Paid Or Bonus Money
If you can swing offering extra days off that are paid, that’s always a welcome gift idea. Or what people appreciate the most this holiday season as a gift is bonus money. A little extra green for all their hard work for you is not only appreciated, but they will work harder for you in the long run when they know how much you care.

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