4 Reasons To Install Dash Cams In All Your Sweeper Trucks

Dash cams aren’t really for spying. Even though your employees might view them at first that way with monitoring all the activity that goes on in your sweeper trucks. You do have this right as a business owner. Installing dash cams truly has the goal in mind of protecting your employees and your business as a sweeping company at large. If you don’t already have dash cams in your trucks, you may want to consider them for a number of reasons. They are usually installed on the windshield and act as a “black box” recorder in all of your trucks. These high-tech cameras record the surroundings on a memory card in a loop format that is constantly running without any maintenance from your driver. It’s recording so everyone is protected.
Ensure that your whole fleet of trucks and your employees are covered by installing this tech advancement and some questions you have about incidents will be answered right away. Dash cams do improve the safety of everyone involved with your business. Here are four great reasons to install dash cams in all of your sweeper trucks going into this new year. It’s definitely a resolution you should be making.

Reason #4: Customer Disputes Are In Black And White
Here’s the issue. Your customer calls you with a complaint or problem and when you ask your employees about it, they have a completely different point of view. That’s only natural. So how do you know what actually happened? All you have to do is go to the digital tape to find out exactly what occurred because it’s probably in black and white right there on the recording. The dash cam doesn’t lie. That’s the beauty of the whole system. That way you can deal with situations, as a business owner, much easier when the dash cam basically acts as a third party witnessing things that go on around your trucks.
Think of the dash cams as a friendly eye on all situations that may arise with your workers’ shifts. This is especially helpful in fighting fraudulent accident claims that may come up against your crew from unscrupulous people who are just out to make a buck off of you. Don’t let that happen.

Reason #3: The Dash Cam Reports Troublesome Habits
The dash cam is usually set up with software that will report back to you about bad habits or incidents that occur. So for example, if your employee is falling asleep at the wheel on and off at about 3 AM each night, that’s a troublesome habit that needs to be reported. It’s for the safety of your crew and your business. Then you can talk with that employee in a safe environment about their behavior and how to correct it before it becomes a bigger problem.
Having professional dash cams installed will hopefully keep your people on their toes a little bit more, habit-wise, because they know that the dash cam “sees all.” A commercial-grade dash cam is a true partner to any sweeping business owner who cares about their crew and how their company is represented at all times.

Reason #2: It Will Decrease Incidents
Just having a dash cam installed, is going to prevent incidents from happening. There are studies that show drivers who are being monitored are generally safer drivers. That just makes sense, right? Ideally, you want your entire crew to be as careful as possible while on the road doing their jobs sweeping parking lots, streets, and construction sites. With a dash cam, it’s just a friendly reminder to be at their best at all times. Safer driving obviously prevents more incidents on the road from being an issue.

Reason #1: May Lower Your Insurance Premiums
Of courses, as a business owner, you want to know what installing dash cams can do for your bottom line. Talk to your specific insurance agent to find out what kind of break on premiums you can get after you install those cameras. It is probably in the range of 10-30 percent discount for all of your commercial vehicles. That’s quite a savings on your insurance premiums that will more than make up for the cost of the dash cams in the long run.

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