Resolutions for 2018

Many of us have made some resolutions for 2018; some personal and some work-related. While your personal resolutions may have been to hit the gym or lay off the burgers, work resolutions can be goal-oriented to help your company be safer and more prosperous than the year before. And if you haven’t made any work-related resolutions this year, it’s not too late. You can start right now.
If you have made work-related resolutions this year, it’s a good time to check and see where you stand. Don’t wait until the end of the year to check. It’s easy to set goals in January and forget about them until December, but that’s a recipe for failure. If you don’t check in on your goals often, you won’t know if you need to work harder, smarter or change your focus to accomplish them until it’s too late.
One of the first steps to accomplish a resolution is to make realistic ones. While every business owner would love to eliminate all accidents, get rid of downtime and double your profits, making unrealistic goals and resolutions can be self-sabotage. If a goal is simply impossible, you will not only waste your time trying to accomplish it but also fail to make valuable progress.
While we all want perfection, is that a realistic goal? Instead, try for a percentage of reduction or increase, starting low and reaching higher as you go. Set your goals high for the long-term, but for the short-term, create achievable goals and determine a way to measure the progress (baby steps.)
Also, instead of a “to do” goal list, make a “to accomplish” list and see what you’ve “accomplished,” instead of what you’ve “done.” It will completely change your perception, and even if you don’t check everything off the list, It will still feel like you’ve accomplished something.
If you feel you are not accomplishing enough goals, don’t give up. Go back and ask yourself first, was this a realistic goal, to begin with, or should I adjust it to something I can achieve?
And don’t forget to celebrate your small ‘wins.’ Instead of worrying that you have only managed a minimal accident reduction, or achieved a minimal increase in revenue or customer base, remember that every accident prevented is a possible life saved. Every new customer is a move towards another and another. Do your best every day, be realistic, and make an effort toward at least one of your goals.

Story by Maxx Hendriks, Product Evangelist at Schwarze Industries

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