5 Ways To Upgrade Your Sweeping Company’s Image

When you are in the sweeping industry it’s sometimes easier to let the status quo of your operations just squeak by year after year, without much change. It’s probably time to evaluate your company’s image. Is it time for a much-needed upgrade? Probably.
When you have been in business for a number of years, how your company is perceived might not be on your mind much. The years go on and you chug right along with that. Yet, if you are struggling to meet the right profit gains each year than it’s definitely time to take stock of your brand’s image as a professional sweeping company. A more established brand look and feel may net you more customers in the long run. Here are 5 ways to give your sweeper company the image overhaul it needs to get more business.

Upgrade Your Uniforms
Your sweeping crews represent your brand and image each and every shift when they are out in the field doing your routes. Make sure they are all outfitted with a proper uniform that has your logo clearly outlined on each piece of apparel. This fact adds a uniformity that looks great for your sweeping company.
Some of the articles of clothing in uniforms may include hats, hoodies, and jackets which are all a part of this well thought out look. When you provide your employees with the right gear it makes your company on the surface look more professional and capable. The old saying, “clothes make the man” is right even in looking at uniforms. Your crews looking sharp says a lot about how you run your sweeping operation and the image you present to the community.
You may also want to consider investing in a uniform cleaning company service to make sure all the uniforms look clean and neat at all times.

Have Proper Business Cards
This might seem like an old-fashioned notion at this point in business, but cards still look professional and can help you get more customers. Brochures and pamphlets about your services fall under this category as well. Invest in some refrigerator magnets to hand out with all your information on them. Having the right materials to be able to give to potential clients is important and simply makes you looks sharp, like you’re on top of your game as a business owner.

Make Sure Signage Is Looking Sharp On All Trucks
To have unmarked trucks still being run on all your working crew routes is contrary to a successful business. If old signage is peeling away or damaged, that just looks sloppy. This is not only free advertising but makes your trucks look more professional and image appropriate. If the signs that you have on your trucks need updating, do it as soon as possible.
Without a professional and eye-catching logo, you just look like a shotty operation. It’s time to invest in the services of a great graphic artist and have this done for you to put on all your tucks, uniforms, and signage. This helps fortify company pride as well.

Your Web Presence Needs To Be Fully Functional And Effective
If you don’t have a properly functioning website that looks good and runs on mobile smartphones and computer devices, now is the time to make sure all of those marketing endeavors are in place. This includes your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being regularly updated to broadcast your work ethic and scope of your company in the right way.
Potential customers look at these things to vet you as a sweeping company. If they are trying to decide between you and a competitor, your new and amazing website may give you that extra edge to secure the contract.

Story by Katherine Nolan

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