Teaching Your Crews To Handle Customer Complaints Better

Giving your crews the skills they need to handle the public can be a straightforward process. You probably have certain expectations on how complaints should be taken care of. There is a common sense element to dealing with the public, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is something that comes naturally to your entire staff, including office and crew. This is obviously a job requirement that is of vital importance to your sweeping company. Most of the time your crews will go through their shifts not having to deal with any property managers or clients at all, but on occasion, they will. Their skills need to be top notch in order to represent your company’s image in the best light. This is even truer when handling customer complaints with ease and grace. In the hardworking sweeper industry, finesse in these situations is something your blue collar guys or gals might need a little help with. Here are some tips on how to teach your crews the skills they need on handling customer complaints better. Keep in mind, the more tools you’re able to give them for communication, the better overall image your company will maintain in the community.

Hire Capable Communicative People From The Start
This pretty much goes without saying and is less about teaching then preventing the problem in the first place. You clearly want to hire the best people from the start. Make sure that when you interview them, bring up possible scenarios on how they would handle customer interactions to get their take on certain situations.
It’s helpful to role play a bit with your potential hires to see how they handle a random complaint situation with critical thinking skills. This may sound a little silly but it can save you from hiring the wrong people who aren’t going to represent your sweeping company in the right way.

Hold Workshops To Update Communication Techniques
People can get used to doing their job a certain way. There is always room for improvements in communications skills with a refresher training course. You should hold these a couple of times per year just to touch base with everyone to make sure they know what to say when interacting with clients on contracts.
Have someone come in to run these workshops who are experts in the customer service side of your industry. Or if you feel like you or someone on your executive staff is skilled at holding these training classes, that’s fine too. Whoever you think your crews will respond to better is the way to go. It doesn’t hurt to have some coffee and food at these extra paid training sessions. Make them fun and interesting so that your crews will be engaged and remembers some of the new skills they are learning once they are back out in the field.

Teach Effective Listening Skills
Customers when they have a complaint or concern basically just want to be listened to and heard through and through. Teach your crews to effectively listen to all complaints without interruption. That way they can fully understand the problem being discussed to figure out the best way to proceed. They don’t need so much as to come up with an instant solution all the time, but not talking over a customer is going to make them feel valued.

Always Tell Your Crews To Remain As Calm As Possible
The complaint will eventually get resolved. Their job, as one of your crew members, is to remain as calm as possible with a potentially angry client who is making the complaint. Your crews also need to feel like you have their back in these types of situations and that you’ll of course, as management and owners, step in when needed to sort out sticky complaints for a beneficial result for everyone involved.

Story by Katherine Nolan

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