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Bailey’s Sweeper Service is truly “service with a smile,” just like their website says. Their sales manager, Tony Sierra, was especially helpful in setting up this interview with the owner, John Bailey. They have been serving the Las Vegas area with exceptional sweeping services for almost 30 years. What started as a one-man operation in 1988 turned into a multi-vehicle company that serves some of the largest contracts in the state. Here’s a little bit more about Bailey’s Sweeper Service and why they are an exceptional part of the sweeper industry.

How did your company begin?
Well, it just so happens it’s been 30 years. We’re celebrating that anniversary in September of this year. Crazy. The way it started was that I used to manage a shoe store back in 1988 and this old man cleaned the windows. I asked him for some ideas on starting a business. He shot the idea out and I started looking around at sweeping companies and here we are today. We’re in Las Vegas. It’s a unique area. There are some great stories over the years being a 24 hour a day town. In the sweeping industry, you see a lot of things in the late hours, as I’m sure you can imagine.

What does your business model look like? Your total employees and office locations?
We have 23 employees and one primary location to do the whole Las Vegas valley, which includes Henderson, North Vegas, and all of the surrounding areas. We provide a quality service to the community at a fair price.

How much growth has your business sustained in recent years with the upswing in the economy?
Weathering that storm meant tightening the belt and looking at cutting costs for the operation. Just tighten up the screws, sorta speak. Most of the contracts were monthly and we made adjustments for them. It was mainly doing things to cut costs like going down from seven days a week to four to five days per week for some companies that needed to do that. Since then we’ve had some positive growth at a rate we can handle.

How do you find new customers?
Luckily pushing 30 years our reputation and regular customers are there for us. I do have a full-time sales rep and the internet helps get new clients to us. The longevity of being in business helps. If you call for a sweeper we’re the ones in this area for sure.

How many contracts do you execute per week?
I believe we’re over 400 per week. Going around the clock including days and nights. We have separate day and night shifts of course.

Have you added on any new services lately?
A year and a half ago we did start a trash can cleaning service that we can Bailey’s Classy Cans. It’s curbside trash can cleaning, which includes sterilization and deodorization. We also do power washing and have a riding scrubber for parking garages and warehouses. There’s a lot of extra work that way.

How did you arrive at creating a unique brand for your company?
The logo came along on a whim. (Check it out on their website, it’s pretty cute!) But we’ve been stuck with it. When we started the plastic can service there’s so much pinup stuff around Vegas that it seemed the way to go. There’s been some conversation about the logo now and then.

Tell me a little bit about the daily operations and how your worker’s shifts go?
For the most part, depending on on-calls or special events, the night shift comes in at 8 PM until 5 or 6 in the morning. Then the day shift is four days on that are 10-hour shifts with three days off.

What sweeper trucks, equipment, and machinery technology do you use?
We have a little mix of all kinds. The majority is Schwarze, Nighthawk and maybe one Tymco.

How does disposal work in your Nevada?
For the most part, the shopping centers have dumpsters, it’s the law here. Trash that is swept on the property gets dumped there, which is pretty easy to deal with. The other ones are dumped a few miles down the road in a Republic Service container. It’s cut and dry simple, dump it where it goes. No big deal here.

What kind of strategies and policies do you have when it comes to environmental issues?
A lot of it is common sense. If it’s water we’re talking about then we have a reclaim system with power washing. The filter gets disposed of with Republic Service. We reuse most of the water. Trash just gets dumped.

How much do new technologies factor into your business?
We have Fleetmatics tracking. It’s a pretty valuable tool. We can see what our crews are doing or not doing. It alerts us to speeding and if they go out of their routes to anywhere. We have cameras in the trucks so any incident that may happen is caught on camera. Social media is good too as part of new tech that helps us succeed.

Anything else we should know about Bailey’s?
The biggest thing is the crews and the people that work here. We wouldn’t be here without them. I have a crew that’s like family to me. They run the business every day and the class of people is excellent. Two thumbs up to my guys. Sales to on-call. Everyone. It takes a team and it’s not just one person anymore.

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