Best Hiring Practices

Hiring practices are generally recognized and applied universally within professional fields. Some concepts apply within labor trades as well, with some variances. A construction themed job such as street paving, sweeping, and maintenance can have certain specific considerations when choosing the best person to hire.

General Policies and Background Checks
It is standard policy to conduct a background check before hiring somebody, and different employers may be looking for different flags in a person’s background. There are clearly going to be different standards for superintendents and management with a street paving company than for the laborers. Work history can show if a person can be expected to be there on time and work hard whereas the level of education can help determine the positions one might be qualified for.
Clearly there will be different expectations for someone who assists a machine operator as compared to a different position in the office who deals directly with clients. However, a growing company who prefers to promote from within might want to hire someone for labor with the expectation they will move up in position and have higher standards. Required work experience can also depend on how much the company wants to invest in training or whether they need someone with similar experience who isn’t expected to proceed with a learning curve but rather be a full-fledged employee on day one.

Policies toward Legal Background
Criminal background checks can be difficult to use properly. It’s important to look at someone’s criminal history from the perspective of how it suggests they will perform their job rather than based on personal judgment concerning the crimes they have committed. Some crimes are simply so vile as to prevent healthy relationships with other employees and as such can disqualify someone from the job, other crimes might be the result of a mistake the person made from which they have reformed.
It’s important to have a set policy for how to determine who can or cannot be hired based on their legal background. Even if the job doesn’t require driving, street paving by its very nature requires people to travel, so a license may be a necessity. If company policy is for everyone to meet at the office or shop before going to the jobsite, it might be acceptable for someone not to have a license if they have an alternate reliable means of getting there. Likewise, whether or not felons are going to be acceptable to hire needs to be determined beforehand, or whether someone on probation or parole is allowed to work for the company. Misdemeanors don’t typically disqualify an applicant, but a long record of multiple charges or recent and especially pending charges may distract from how they are able to perform the job.

Standards for Labor
Beyond what a criminal background check may find out about a person, there are standards toward choosing who to hire for a position. Road work requires a physical ability to do the job, but assuming the applicant is capable of performing the physical aspects of the job the person hiring can’t discriminate based on race, sex, age, or disability.

Expectations of Management
There are always going to be different expectations for management than for labor employees. Management has to work with other professionals and are likely going to need to communicate directly with clients. Therefore, they have to be socially adept and able to clearly communicate on a professional level. Whether management works onsite or in the office, they are going to need different abilities which include understanding how the job is conducted from the laborer’s viewpoint as well as how to describe that performance in numbers, writing, and vocally.

Further Considerations
Sometimes there are considerations not typically thought of during the hiring process. Some aspects of a candidate for the job might simply make them unsuitable. If the person has recently been in the news, they might be a distraction to the other workers. Tattoos are common in today’s culture and certainly don’t prevent a person from conducting their job from a physical viewpoint, but can also be a distraction especially if they are highly visible or vulgar in nature. Ultimately, a great human resource agent can intuitively choose the best candidate, but there needs to be a more formal system of rating each applicant before hiring to maintain a sense of fairness among the employees once hired.

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