Sweeper Summit 2018 Evolves into All-Inclusive Industry Event

For decades, the power sweeping industry has piggy-backed on existing expos and events by sponsoring and hosting educational sessions to attract attendees from the power sweeping industry. Realizing there is a need for a concentrated and exclusive event, the 2018 Sweeper Summit is encouraging all power sweeping professionals to come together and forge a new direction as a part of the industry’s first leadership conference.
This conference will be the first of many in years to come, targeted specifically to the power sweeping industry. The 2018 Sweeper Summit Leadership Conference will be an innovative event, with every session specific to power sweeping with every attendee invested in the power sweeping industry to some degree.
The hands-on outdoor equipment expo will allow attendees to interact with the latest sweeping equipment from both well-known manufacturers and emerging players with cutting-edge offerings. The 2018 Sweeper Summit will be a truly unique environment that will optimize learning and business growth while maximizing the use of the attendee’s time.
Technical sessions will cover a variety of topics titled as: OSHA and the EPA are Targeting You!, Blindsided and You Did Not See It Coming! – Asset Protection Strategies, Your Dead – Now What? A Guide to Ownership Transitional Planning and Key Sweeping Business Performance Ratios. In addition, interactive panel discussions on Managing Through the Predictable Plateaus of Sweeping Business Growth will be facilitated by NAPSA and Future Trends in Power Sweeping Equipment will be led by industry manufacturers.
The final day of the Summit will host the award-winning speaker John Lankford. His business insight to creating sustainable success has been tested and proven in many industries including construction, service and manufacturing. Over his 40-year career, Lankford has observed a common denominator of success and he will deliver his leadership and business sustainability concepts to inspire and revolutionize the power sweeping industry.
Outside of recruiting, training and retaining quality employees, a common struggle among business managers in growing their companies is developing high capacity individuals. Identifying employees who can both deliver exceptional services and also manage and execute the many components of successful business operations can be challenging. In many cases, the void in the transition between technician and manager is in the development of leadership skills. While training and promoting technical skills is the focus and foundation of a business, fostering and cultivating leadership skills can make the biggest difference in a business’s profitability and sustainability. The 2018 Sweeper Summit will address this transitional void and offer ongoing opportunities to develop formal leadership training processes that can be implemented in power sweeping businesses.
Amy Schwandt, of AC Business Media, interviewed John Lankford of Premier Executive Forums the summit keynote speaker and industry leadership expert regarding the upcoming summit.
Amy: John, we are excited to have you bring your insights to the power sweeping industry. What do you think will be the number one thing our attendees will learn?
John: Leadership process. Everyone knows they need to be a good leader, but to be a good leader for growth requires you to apply a process for the development of your team. We will talk though the most effective plan that establishes leadership development of your team and eventually your company.
Amy: Like many industries, the sweeping industry is always searching for qualified and talented individuals. How do you address the critical issues we face in filling jobs with talented individuals and what can be done to ensure success?
John: Make careers out of jobs. When you do a good job with consistent development of your team, you change the thinking of your team from those that have a job to those that have a career. When there is more meaning to the work you provide your team, the turnover is less. Creating a career-minded environment reduces turnover significantly. This will also allow companies to draw in new employees easier.
It is known that more employees leave their job due to lack of training and development more than any other reason. It pays to develop!
Amy: Part of our curriculum will be the profitability considerations for the sweeping industry. How does your leadership concept help with profitability?
John: Delegation. When you create a process that enables leadership growth in your team, you inadvertently impact your profitability. By passing on knowledge and empowering decision-making to the next leaders, you are in essence making the entire organization run more efficiently because everyone knows the goal. This enables profitability.
Amy: We will be talking a lot about how to structure your business at the Summit. Many of our businesses are smaller, family-owned companies that have hit a plateau in growth because they have maximized their leaders. How can your process contribute to continual growth over the plateau and help them get to the next level?
John: Development. This is a perfect issue that is addressed in the leadership process. By identifying the next leaders, sending them to training (like a leadership academy), and encouraging learning through practical applications on the job, you are constantly building your bench of talent. Building the depth of your talent enables you to enjoy steady growth. Continually developing your current talent is one way to smooth the growth lines.
Amy: John, is there anything else we should know about the process of leadership?
John: Continual growth. Amy, I love to pick on the word “busy” because we are all busy. Leading a company offers no shortage of decisions to be made and actions to be accomplished. That being said, I like to encourage leaders that by setting aside a small amount of their time in order to develop their business it will pay itself back tenfold.
Amy: Thank you, John. We look forward to hearing you at the Summit. Your presentation will be the final session after we have had the opportunity to exchange information regarding the steps of foundational plateaus that are encountered when growing a successful sweeping business.
Sweeper Summit 2018 will offer structured learning with practical lessons that can be applied immediately to business operations. Most importantly, the Summit is designed specifically for peer networking and mentoring support with other remarkable power sweeping leaders.
Bottom line, the 2018 Sweeper Summit is the only event that brings together exclusively power sweeping owners and managers from across the country to focus on business growth and promote leadership skills, all while networking with the best companies in the industry.
You won’t want to miss this year’s Summit!