7 Apps That Can Help Paving Contractors Streamline Their Operations

To effectively plan and complete your upcoming paving projects, you must streamline your operations to best maintain the level of oversight and organization needed for your company’s growth. Thankfully, you only have to look as far as your trusty cellphone to find the support you need to achieve this goal. With the download of a few key apps, you can make sure you are ready to excel as a leading paving contractor in your area. Here are seven to consider for your paving company’s needs.

Field Supervisor
If you need to manage your teams from a remote location, you will enjoy the functionality of the Field Supervisor app. This application allows you to create teams, assign tasks, view employee locations and view job progress. The audit feature allows you to provide feedback to your employees to help improve or reward their quality of work and overall productivity. Available for Android and Apple devices.

The Star-Seal app acts as an incredibly in-depth resource for paving contractors and their team. Product guides can help you select and use the best seal coasting products for your jobs. The app features many different calculators for measuring the job area, seal coating mixtures, tank yields and more. The job cost feature can help you accurately bid out your jobs on the go to quick serve the needs of your clients. Available for Android and Apple devices.

Stripe Quote
With the Stripe Quote app, you can breeze through the project estimate process and produce a professional work order for review by your clients. Within the app you can add stencils, stalls and other services to the estimate with the click of a button. Once you are finished, you can send out your estimates by email through the app and even close the sale with a digital signature within minutes. Available for Apple devices only.

Paving Production Calculator
The Paving Production Calculator gives you the tools you need to create accurate estimates for your asphalt paving jobs. By inputting project information into the calculators, you can figure out your material and trucking needs along with many other factors that aid in the success of your project. With this tool, you can optimize your operations at every phase of your paving projects to achieve excellent results for your clients. Available for Apple and Android devices.

OSHA Heat Safety
To protect the health of your employees, utilize the OSHA app to assess the heat index and watch for the warning signs of heat stroke. The heat index screen provides precautions to follow for the safety of your employees on extremely hot days. Hourly forecasts keep you up to date on weather changes to help with the planning and completion of your paving projects. Available on both Apple and Android devices.

Asphalt Pro
With the Asphalt Pro app, you can effectively estimate mix yields along with tack and seal distances for precise project calculations. Conversion calculators help you quickly measure out your mix ratios without needing any other tools. You can take and store pictures showing issues that arise on your project, including inadequate tack. The cost estimator can help you produce a bid for small changes on the job or additional projects. Available on Apple devices only.

With its picture-taking and checklist-making capabilities, the Bridget app may quickly become your tool of choice while planning and estimating your paving projects. Through this app, you can photograph project issues, mark up as needed, and then send out messages to your team members, including subcontractors. With automated subcontractor communications, you can keep your project flowing smoothly for completion by the deadline. Available for Android and Apple devices.
With one, or all, of these apps, you are sure to streamline your operations to help your paving company grow even more successful. As you integrate apps that allow for project tracking and open communications, you will undoubtedly start reaping the rewards in the form of improved business growth. Give these apps a try today to see if they help you maximize your yearly revenues and become the paving contractor of choice in your region.

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