NiteHawk’s New Mobile Game, Sweeper Madness!

NiteHawk Sweepers has changed the game once again in the sweeping industry, but you don’t need a sweeping truck to play this game, just your phone. “Sweeper Madness” is NiteHawk’s new free mobile game that was just released on Android and IOS and takes sweeping to the extreme!
A mobile game might not be what you would expect from a sweeper manufacture, but NiteHawk is known for thinking outside the box in its truck designs and branding. Tyler Fenhaus, NiteHawk’s Marketing Coordinator, says that the inspiration for the game was to give something back to the people in the sweeping industry. “I know the people in the sweeping industry are hard workers and they need a break every now and then” Fenhaus said. “The game is fun to play and free to download for anyone who has a mobile device.”
Sweeper Madness puts you in the driver’s seat as you dash to the finish line and collect as much trash as possible before you run out of fuel. Collecting trash gives you extra points to upgrade your truck, unlock crazy new sweepers and exotic locations. Ever think you’d be lucky enough to sweep a top secret military facility like Area 51? Well in this game, you can!
Since its release, NiteHawk’s new game has caused quite the buzz online. The game has been shared around social media sites where people in the sweeper industry interact and people are definitely having fun with it. “Our customers keep texting me if there are any cheat codes and how to get past different levels” says Jerry Porsch, a customer service manager at NiteHawk. “I can see why so many people are playing it. The game is really addictive and it’s the first street sweeping game, a game they can call their own.”
Sweeper Madness is available to download for free on Google Play and the App Store, here:
Google Play:
App Store:

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