Global Environmental Products have achieved their vision of street sweepers that clean your streets with a high-performance, heavy-duty sweeping system, as well as being affordable, reliable with cutting-edge innovative technology – doing it all while producing ZERO EMISSIONS. Introducing the Global M4 SUPERCHARGED Class 7 Street Sweeper The First and Only 100% Electric Drive, Rechargeable Street Sweeper With travel speed of 65-MPH and a battery operational range of up to 11 hours, towns, villages and large cities will be able to clean the streets while protecting our environment and building a cleaner future with ZERO EMISSIONS. At the end of the shift just plug in the sweeper, charge the batteries and repeat and sweep again.
In 2012 Global Environmental Products built the first Global M4 HYBRID Street Sweeper. The concept was to lower fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Global’s first Electric Street Sweepers had an electric Drive Motor, Batteries, a Generator, and a Diesel engine that operated at lower Engine speeds charging the batteries via the generator – hence Electric drive system propelled the sweeper.
Global reduced overall fuel-consumption and carbon footprint by 50% operating the Hybrid Street Sweeper compared to a diesel drive unit, but that wasn’t enough. ZERO EMISSIONS was the ultimate goal!
In 2018 Global introduced their Global M4 ZE Hydrogen Fuel Cell Street Sweeper A Hydrogen fuel cell system produces electricity from compressed hydrogen gas in a thermo-chemical process, then uses the electricity to power an electric system and motors that drive the vehicle. The fuel cell and hydrogen tank take the place of a diesel engine. The by-product of electro-chemical reaction results in electrical energy and H2O.The water produced through this chemical reaction is diverted to the sweeper’s water tank system providing an additional 43-gallons of water per shift to use for dust suppression. Our Hydrogen Powered Sweeper is in operation today.

Global Environmental Products, Inc. 5405 Industrial Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407 USA Phone: 909-713-1600 |
GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS is one of the World’s Leading producers of specialized Street Cleaning Equipment. We build Purpose-Built, Heavy-Duty, and simply Tough Street Sweepers. Headquartered in San Bernardino, CA, we build in Reliable, Affordable and Innovative products. We are proud to say that our sweepers are made in the USA.

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