Social Media and Your Sweeping Business

Even if all of your new customers are finding your sweeper services business by word-of-mouth, there are many important benefits you can gain by using social media. Strong long-term professional relationships are the stuff of a business’s brand, reputation and potential for stability of its customer base. There are abundant online social resources that offer important opportunities for your company. Social provides space for informal communications with sweeper truck and industrial equipment makers, materials and supply vendors, current and prospective customers, and prospective and current employees.
To keep up with the industry, sweeping service business owners should become familiar with the kinds of social outlets that people throughout the industry are already frequently using to interact. You should know about the kinds of information they’re exchanging and the nature of the discussions and other business-social sharing they’re doing on social platforms. For examples, some of a sweeper market’s most effective advertising, passive marketing and branding efforts can be accomplished through social media activities. Social platforms also provide a shared space for bonding and building company culture among teams whose jobs keep them out in the field, relatively isolated, perhaps otherwise receiving too little interaction with peers or supervisors.
Various kinds of online social outlets are accessible to sweeper industry participants, including social pages for individual sweeper businesses, owner peer group pages, equipment manufacturers’ websites’, software makers’ and other suppliers’ websites for their customer communities, industry associations and others.
Reasons Why Sweeper Businesses Should Use Social Media
In the more competitive sweeper services markets, social media is an important resource for networking to connect with current and prospective customers and employees, to build a presence in your local area. People with whom you should want to engage are hanging out with friends in online social spaces, doing their business socializing, viewing advertising, reading posted articles and training information, sharing reviews and offering feedback to companies with whom they do business.
• Establishing a presence on social platforms puts your business and its representatives in the right places where people you should want to know are routinely spending professional and personal time.
• You can reach a wider range of people with a potential interest in your business: prospects, customers, workers, suppliers and peer businesses who might want to refer you, and family members of all of these enjoy interacting in their chosen online social spaces.
• It enables your customers and prospects to communicate with you in an informal business setting, which helps to develop a more relaxed, friendly and genuine rapport.
• It allows people to utilize the form of communication they prefer, increasing their options beyond being restricted to dealing with you only through emails, phone calls and face-to-face meetings, to now include posting, text messaging, instant messaging, and online video.
• Social platforms expand your array of advertising venues. For example, you can post ads on Facebook, and you can broaden your ad’s distribution, for a nominal additional fee.
Here are some of the most popular social resources for sweeper services business owners. Consider who these social media outlets are engaging on their business websites and social platform pages, and it’s easy enough to see why those are places where your business should be active too:
Sweeper Service Industry Organizations
North American Power Sweeping Association, provides a link to, which is the association’s interactive website for its members to engage on current industry news and other topics relevant to sweeper businesses. This is a comprehensive platform for sweeper business owners, offering a wealth of news, updated information, classified ads, and other useful resources, including social engagement with industry peers.
In addition to NAPSA’s online space for networking with peers sweeper business owners throughout the country as well as with other industry professionals, access to NAPSA’s Members Area links to opportunities to enjoy other great features and benefits of membership. These include links to help with ANSI industry standards and guidelines as well as to resources for CSO training.
Sweeper Owner Peer Group Pages
The Facebook page, Sweeping with Friends at currently has almost 400 members. This is a great resource for sweeping service business owners, sweeper truck manufacturers, sweeper mechanics, drivers and other operations employees. The group has all of these kinds of industry professionals in its membership. The page’s founder, David Powell, of Louisiana Power Sweep Services says the space “gives everybody a voice.”
The peer group page allows each participant to reach a lot of people. You discover that problems you’re having are more common that you might have expected. You can communicate with other people throughout the country. It’s an exceptional way to talk to other people in the business and build some very valuable peer relationships for mutual learning, advice and other help. Sweeping with Friends is located at:
Other Social Media Resources
In addition to Facebook and Twitter, popular social media opportunities for sweeping companies to engage with their target commercial and industrial customers include: YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, WhatsApp, just to name a few. Other social engagement is available for your business through:
• Review sites where customers provide their comments about their impressions of your business, and discussions unfold between people sharing similar experiences. Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List, among others provide these forums. Some equipment vendors’ offer their own review sharing pages, as part of their customer community sites.
• Industry tradeshows, conventions and conferences these days often provide social spaces online for attendees and site visitors to share comments about events, discuss topics and conduct their networking activities with fellow attendees and other interested professionals.
• Other sweeper businesses’ social pages provide their customers, vendors and employees as well as their industry peer businesses opportunities to look in on their business-social communications and participate, or just take away impressions that might inspire them to want to become more involved with their businesses.
Bring Your Sweeper Company into the Business-Social World
Social pages are indispensable for savvy entrepreneurs who want to make their sweeping service businesses a part of today’s culture of modern business relationships. Social opens the doors to a world of new opportunities to expand your company’s network of important industry connections.
It’s a new era in the business sector, one in which people want and expect a more genuine, personalized manner of dealing. They recognize social as a great way to talk to other people regarding business, share experiences, get and give advice, and help add value to the industry. From discussions of equipment manufacturing quality and maintenance problems, to competition pricing issues, to personnel retention issues, business owners can work together for solutions. They can also help set trends toward stronger adherence to best practices, cultivate an industry atmosphere of mutual support, friendly referrals and so much more.
At minimum, a Facebook page is arguably as important as your sweeper business’s website, as part of your enterprise’s web presence. Social is the premium modern tool for reaching people in a way that is most conducive to relationship-building. So, by all means, take the time to bring your sweeper service business online and into the 21st century.

North American Power Sweeping Association

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