1-800-SWEEPER: Eight Years Later and Still Going Strong!

It’s been nearly 8 years since the official launch of 1-800-SWEEPER in the power sweeping industry and boy is there a story to tell! 1-800-SWEEPER had been in the development stages for several years prior to its introduction in 2011. Mike Lucht, President of the organization and owner of Progressive Sweeping in Detroit/Toledo, had a vision of bringing contractors in the fragmented sweeping industry together to create an industry only co-op that not only offers its Partners the opportunity to generate savings with suppliers and manufacturers, but also provides an avenue for customers to connect with sweeping contractors across the country for service. On October 11, 2011 the 1-800-SWEEPER website was launched to the sweeping industry with 21 originating Partners and 1 Vendor Partner and they haven’t looked back since.
There are now 56 Partners to date, representing 30 states across the country and 27 Vendor Partners, and the organization is still growing! Many of these independently owned Partner companies provide not only sweeping services but other pavement maintenance services like power washing, sealcoating, snow removal, etc. “We’re not for everyone” says Ben Steyer, Executive Director of 1-800-SWEEPER. “Our organization is made up of top service contractors that can provide a level of service and quality that is consistent with our brand. We pride ourselves on providing this level of service and our customers appreciate that too”.
Starting with only a small website and the 800-phone number, calls started coming in right away, says Steyer. Calls were originally fielded at the Toledo headquarters but with the growth of the website and the advertising of the 800 number on our Partner’s vehicles, a more efficient way to capture the volume of calls was needed. The 24/7 Call Center was introduced in 2015, providing customers an easier, more streamlined way to request service. To date there have been over 30,000 service requests to the 24-hour Call Center, resulting in over $16 million dollars of revenue to 1-800-SWEEPER Partners. The 1-800-SWEEPER website, www.1800sweeper.com, has been the catalyst of the organization. Initially, the website was conceived as a simple “directory” of Partner companies linked to their websites. However, providing a link to the Partner’s website minimized the ability to track the performance of 1800SWEEPER.com and determine what was driving site visits. Website design and marketing firm NetTrack Marketing identified the value that search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click provided to promote 1800sweeper.com in general industry searches, like street sweeping, parking lot sweeping, etc. The website has evolved over time, growing to the industry leading compilation of nearly 600 pages it is today.
Each Partner is now featured in the Member Directory as well as having geographically targeted landing pages for each area code they represent. “When you search for sweeping on the internet, 1-800-SWEEPER is always the number 1 or 2 listed” says Steyer. “We cover a good portion of the country in most major markets.”
Generating service calls and leads is not 1-800-SWEEPER’s only contribution to the industry. In 2016 the 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation was created, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. The Foundation supports humanitarian disaster relief, environmental education and beautification projects across the country while bringing further public awareness to the power sweeping industry. The organization also developed the only sweeper operator training simulator in the industry – the SweeperSim, the 800 App for quick access to our Partners by customers looking for service, the National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy; the only leadership academy of its kind that trains contractor employees to be effective and efficient leaders in managing their business, and the Sweeper Summit & Equipment Expo; the premier conference and equipment exposition exclusive to the power sweeping industry. “We’re very proud of what we’ve created with the Sweeper Summit” says Steyer. “It has grown every year and is the only sweeper specific industry show with educational sessions related to the sweeping business, an outdoor hands-on equipment expo as well as a great opportunity for sweeping contractors and vendors to network together in social settings.”
So, if you’re still wondering; who is 1-800-SWEEPER? Not only has the organization proved to be a revenue generator for its Partners, but it is also an organization that cares about the communities where we live and work, is on the leading edge of technology and business development, is the only true co-op in the power sweeping industry and is the leading sweeping organization in the industry designed specifically for the advancement and betterment of its Partners and the sweeping industry.
If you’re interested in finding out more information about becoming a Partner of 1-800-SWEEPER, contact Ben Steyer at bsteyer@1800sweeper.com.

By: Carolyn Bell
Director of Marketing & Communication

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