Build it Your Way

Seal-Rite recognizes the demand for high quality and efficient equipment that runs every time. With over 22 years of experience manufacturing high quality sealcoating equipment and decades of in-the-field experience, Seal-Rite units are designed to work for you and make your job easier. You should be able to focus on the work and not have to hassle with equipment that only works sometimes.
Realizing the need for equipment diversity to satisfy the growing industry, Seal-Rite is releasing another line of world class sealcoating products. Now, you can take the same high quality equipment you love from Seal-Rite and make it your definition of ‘best’- with a custom truck bed. Sealcoating crews cater to a wide variety of clientele, and as such, what the applicator needs out of the equipment varies as well. Custom Seal-Rite truck beds are built to order, but all come with efficient features such as easy access to all controls from the ground, tool storage and blower pockets as available, DOT approved lights and low mount hose reels. Seal-Rite SR units come equipped with hydraulic agitation and a complete spray system. Their large 3 gallon filter pot will reduce down time, in addition to a large surge bottle that prevents surges at the wand. And, as always, all Seal-Rite units are equipped with rubber wipers that actually touch the sides of the tank, which prevents climbing in the tank for cleanup.
Since every truck bed is custom built around your truck, Seal-Rite is able to mount the tank low for a better and more stable ride. Seal-Rite is also an all-in-one location, from their sales reps to their fabricators, all operations are at one facility. This allows for more open communication and an increase in efficiency. With every custom bed, you will be getting the tried and true Seal-Rite design, but customized to fit your individual needs. Whether you need a cab controlled air-operated spray bar or a custom housing for a melter, the associates at Seal-Rite will do their best to help you run your business more efficiently. Heck, they’ll even paint it pink.
And, since everything is built in one facility, you can easily get replacement and maintenance parts. In fact, most orders ship the same day. If you need additional spray tips, blowers or a custom truck bed, just give them a call. Their knowledgeable staff will make the ordering process quick and efficient.

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