What Property Managers Really Want

What do today’s Property Managers really want from their parking lot sweeping service providers?
Consider the difficulties and priorities of today’s busy, constantly multi-tasking Property Managers (PMs). These professionals struggle to stay afloat in a sea of urgent detailed action items, communications, and tactical challenges every day. Great numbers of the Property Managers’ operational challenges present opportunities for sweeping services to help alleviate some of their burden. Many of today’s customer-focused sweeping businesses have added new services that have consistently proven to be very popular with their property management customers.
What Happens When Sweeping Services Just Sweep?
Without a central services provider, Property Managers must choose from less appealing options to obtain a whole range of important property maintenance and related services. PMs who choose sweeping services that offer additional types of site services have a resource for obtaining a number of other important services, without going through the involved process of bringing on more vendors.
Some sweeping business owners decide to stick with what they know best, sweeping. Others branch out to offer their customers the convenience of the easiest access to additional services they need. Providing more services allows a Property Manager to avoid going through their standard process of: vendor searches, bid collection, vetting (reference checking), collection of documentation for licensing, liability insurance, and Workers’ Compensation, contract execution, and acclimation protocols to hire and on-board a new contractor, and possibly other validations and processing.
When PMs are able to acquire one or more additional services from their current sweeping vendor, this allows them to make a quicker, simpler, much more convenient selection of provider, potentially for a whole range of other work on their site(s), from a contractor who is already vetted.
How Can Sweeping Companies Save Property Managers Work?
Hiring a trusted current vendor to provide additional services cuts out the searching as well as all or much of the vetting step of the contracting process. For some large commercial and construction customers of sweeping businesses, the latter process can be extensive and time-consuming. Sweeping customers who can benefit from consolidating multiple site services with a single vendor include:
• Private owner of one or more commercial real estate investment properties, such as shopping centers, office buildings, or multifamily properties, with or without a Property Manager
• Large commercial or industrial property management companies
• Commercial construction companies
• Property management companies that buy and develop properties to expand their investment property inventories
• Commercial real estate development companies that use property management companies, or that have their own property management division in-house to transition multi-family properties, such as HOAs and condominium properties to homeowner groups after construction is completed
For some of these kinds of sweeping company customers, the vendor vetting process can include: checking multiple past and/or current customer references, checking Better Business Bureau reports, checking for mechanics liens, checking financials, checking insurance histories, drug testing workers.
Hiring an existing service vendor to provide additional services can be a big time- and trouble-saver for busy Property Managers who are fortunate to have trusted sweeping vendors already familiar with their site management teams, properties, needs, and systems for contracting and paying vendors.
How Can Sweeping Businesses Add Services for Customers?
In addition to nightly sweeping, many sweeping businesses now provide one or more additional services as just a value-added courtesy. Others add services to create new revenue channels. There is a vast array of new service options to choose from, when deciding what more you want to offer your customers. The alternative to add the services as value-added assistance free of charge, or as ancillary paid services largely depends on the types of extra services added.
• Value-Added Courtesies — Suggested very popular options to add value to sweeping work with extra courtesy services would include those such as merely providing a referral base to connect PMs with other trusted service vendors for various types of exterior property maintenance and repair, such as construction services, landscaping, roofing, disaster rehab, and numerous others more closely related to sweeping, such as pavement repair and resurfacing.

Other sweeping companies offer their own form of unofficial security and exterior maintenance monitoring, involving observing during their sweeping routine to discover issues such as broken locks or windows, vandalized vehicles, or illegally dumped items, and contacting PMs with reports.
• Subcontracting — Sweeping business owners who want to increase revenue streams, may want to adopt the business model of many sweeping companies that are actually contracting with such vendors as those listed above, and performing as project managers, coordinating delivery of services and supervising work being done by their subcontractors on their customers’ sites.

Sweeping business owners throughout the country are realizing greatly increased gross revenues and profit margins from this approach to diversification by subcontracting. They’re saving startup costs for new service lines and enjoying the zero investment necessary to roll out a program of extended services through subcontracting.
• Expanded Direct Services — There is another option preferred by some highly organized, energetic, and ambitious sweeping business management teams, with the stamina, logistical mastery, and financial wherewithal to start and manage multiple different types of service activities and business accounting.

They bring on a larger staff with widely diversified skill sets, differing schedules, training, and work-related needs. They acquire and maintain a broader range of equipment, tools, and supplies. Some of these super-service providers provide full-service external, or even both internal and external full-service property maintenance and repair work.
What Kinds of Services Do Sweeping Companies Add for Customers?
Many of today’s diversified sweeping services have taken their business model and profit potential to the next level, by expanding the line of direct services they provide. New exterior and interior property maintenance services that many sweeping companies have expanded to provide include:
• Day portering
• Sidewalk cleaning
• Power sweeping
• Gum removal
• Trash cans
• Dumpsters
• Roll-off dumpsters
• Signage installation and repair
• Striping
• Concrete pavement and curb repair
• Asphalt pavement and curb repair
• Seal coating
• Landscape maintenance
• Illegally dumped furniture hauling
• Storage container rental
• Lock install and repair
• Light bulb changing
• Window cleaning
• Catchment basin cleaning
• Contamination remediation for storm water runoff
• Warehouse sweeping and scrubbing
• Dust Control
• Apartment clean out
• Handyman service
• Fence and gate repair
• Gutter cleaning
• Project management
• Various other services
Benefits to Sweeping Businesses from Diversified Service Models
Adding services enables sweeping businesses to stand out in their competitive markets by offering customers the great convenience and quality assurance benefits of having a trusted contractor who can provide multiple services, or even a one-stop shop for property maintenance. The array of options for adding services represents a wealth of opportunities for sweeping business owners to make their companies more integral to their valued customers’ property management operations.
Building these more involved customer relationships contributes to sweeping businesses’ professional networks, often opening up access to the numbers and kinds of contacts that serve to grow a business much more quickly and robustly than through traditional marketing. This route to professional network expansion multiplies a sweeping vendor’s results from the standard word-of-mouth advertising that so many sweeping vendors rely on to sustain businesses at a satisfactory levels to meet limited local-level growth goals.
The new resources for mutual referrals and supplemental revenue sources afforded sweeping vendors who diversify their service models, have been multiplying growth rates for many sweeping businesses around the country. The exciting news for the industry is that these positive results of adding sweeping-related and other services has inspired numerous sweeping business owners to reach well beyond their previously established strategic plans toward new, more aggressive growth goals.

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