New NAPSA 2020 Certification Courses and Training Opportunities

NAPSA will offer member businesses and their employees a wealth of new learning opportunities in 2020, including a new certification course and many topic sessions at upcoming the National Pavement Expo!
The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) is currently preparing to roll out several exciting new programs in January 2020. NAPSA actively engages sweeping business leaders and their employees in its numerous educational and other programs. The organization is currently working to provide new learning, networking, and other industry opportunities for business owners and their workers. NAPSA Board Member, Pete Phillips, owner of Clean Sweep, Inc., Chattanooga TN shares some hints about the exciting programs to be unveiled in the new year.
Phillips is an expert on and active promoter of NAPSA’s principles of successful operations in the power sweeping business across the U.S. market. He has advised that NAPSA is planning January rollouts of a couple of very exciting initiatives to benefit association members.
Certified Sweeper Operator (CSO) Training Course
Pete explains that when NAPSA embarked on creating a training certification course for power sweeping equipment operators, the association put about 40 thousand man-hours into designing the program. In 2016, the Certified Sweeper Operator (CSO) training program was launched. The certification program was a leap forward in the organization’s mission is educate people on industry principles and best practices in commercial power sweeping.
CSO Certification Training for Construction Site Sweeping
The following year, NAPSA leadership rolled out a follow-on program for training and certification of sweeper operators in construction zones, an advanced program for sweeper equipment operators working in areas that require the use of bigger and heavier sweeper trucks than those used to service regular commercial business accounts.
Certification Sweeper Management (CSM) Training Course
In early 2020, NAPSA will launch the industry’s first leadership standards and certification training for sweeper service business managers. The course will help develop commercial sweeping business leaders learn how to follow the practices of the ANSI-approved NAPSA sweeper operations management certification.
NAPSA Training and Certification Benefits
The online training courses have proven to be invaluable for helping sweeping company owners introduce and/or reinforce training for field service employees throughout the United States. Sweeping businesses throughout the country have completed the program and received professional certification. NAPSA certification is the recognized benchmark for professional dedication to quality in service as a provider in the U.S. power sweeping competitive market. It is also an essential indicator of commitment to safe operation, to commercial and industrial customers and other interested parties.
Legal Reasons to Adhere to Industry Operating Standards
The CSO training resources are critical to legal defenses in civil cases brought due to accidents or other incidents involving sweeper equipment operators. But, Pete Phillips points out that up to just two and a half years ago, the industry did not have an established set of national standards for sweeping operations. Pete acknowledges that many people may just think, “So what?” He notes that it’s understandable that this may intuitively seem to make sense when people are inexperienced with the issue of liability thresholds in accident injury cases.
However, one of several requirements for establishing legal liability in most states is proof of negligence. A primary consideration in claims of negligence in accident cases involving workers is whether or not the worker was adhering to specified standards for the worker’s industry for performance of the particular activity in which the worker was engaged at the time of the incident. As Pete puts it, “This is where lawyers go with claims.”
CASE STUDY – Why Your Team Needs Industry Standards Training
In one real-life example, a street sweeper truck was hit by another vehicle, during the sweeper driver’s performance of his duties. The sweeping company got sued, because the sweeper truck was generating a lot of dust where it got hit. Fortunately, the worker’s manner of conducting his activities could be compared with the formal industry standards for the type of operation he was performing at the time of the accident.
It was, therefore, determined, through the respective analyses by the parties to the civil suit that the sweeper truck operator was where he was supposed be, doing what he was supposed to do, and was doing it by set industry standards. As a result, the $85K lawsuit was dismissed before going to court.
If no documentation of industry standards had existed, to support an argument that the employee had been operating in conformance to those standards, there would have been no such defense possible, a plaintiff’s argument of negligence would have been made in a much more gray area, and the outcome of the case would likely have been very different.
Naturally, if the sweeping industry had had no set standards for a worker to obey, there could have been no support whatsoever for a defense against an accusation of negligence based on an argument that the worker was operating in accordance with industry standards. It was the clarity of the point that the sweeper truck driver was acting in accordance with his industry’s standards that made it possible to quickly and straightforwardly resolve the question of responsibility based on a typical claim of negligence.
ANSI Standards and NAPSA Training
The discussion of the legal benefits of adhering to set industry standards leads to the next pretty dazzling recent development at NAPSA — recognition, and evaluation of the sweeping industry by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). NAPSA has received assistance from ANSI, in modifying the standards the association had developed, to align them with ANSI standards.
The ANSI/NAPSA collaboration has produced the sweeper industry’s first body of national standards approved by ANSI, an accomplishment that elevates the industry to one now recognized for submitting its participants to the same high standards of professionalism as others functioning under ANSI-approved standards.
As an ANSI-approved rider, NAPSA provides commercial sweeping business owners and their field teams with the industry’s most powerful validation through professional certification.
NAPSA Training on Sweeper Industry Best Practices 2020
NAPSA will provide a full 3-hour course on commercial power sweeping industry best practices, access to all association members. Pete Phillips calls this training, “one of the best things you can do for your organization.” Some of the topics covered in the best practices training include:
• Getting safety messaging across
• Authorizations and employee scheduling
• Streamlining operations and processes
• Leadership
• Quality Control management
• Key operational performance indicators
• Deposition skills
2020 NAPSA National Pavement Expo
NAPSA will sponsor the 2020 National Pavement Expo and Conference from January 29 – February 1, 2020. The Exhibit Hall will be open January 29 – 31, and the Conference will run from January 29 – 31. The event will be held in the Music City Center, Nashville, TN.
The Conference agenda includes a keynote address on High-Performing Culture. Keynote Speaker David Friedman will conduct a discussion of practical and sustainable ways to build a high-value team culture in today’s commercial sweeping company environment.
The three-day national conference has an extraordinarily packed schedule of concept-rich sessions for NAPSA members. Seminar sessions and roundtable discussions cover every imaginable industry topic from sales, to digital technologies, to crack sealing, to employee management, to budgeting. Just some of the session topics include:
W01 Secrets of Successful Job Costing — Guy Gruenberg
Flex Your Influence: Turn brand awareness to new contracts — Margaret Brown, Chief Digital Strategist
Using Data and Dashboards to Make Better Decisions — Ken LaCroix, Principal
Thermoplastic Pavement Markings & Durable Marking Paint Alternatives — Kurt Gruenberg, VP of Marketing
Not at fault vehicle accident recovery — Brian Ludlow, Executive Vice President
Best Practices of Residential and Commercial Paving — Brian Hall, Territory Manager
Landing the Big One: Winning that important account — Mike Shereck, Owner /Leader/CEO
Infrared Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them — Bryan Burke, CEO
Employee Disengagement: The Dog That Will Bite You! — Randy Goruk, President
Best Practices for Contract Sweepers — Mat Ward, Owner, Jay Presutti, Chris Griffin, Nikki Kryston, Vice President, Pete Phillips, Cole Watts, Vice President, Lee Miller, Gabe Vitale, President/CEO, Loring Dunton
IPAD Pro in field – Communication is everything — Thomas Eosso, Owner
QuickBooks Basics — Linda Alfonsi
Developing and Managing a Marketing Plan for Your Pavement Maintenance Company — Brandon Stanton
How to Create a Budget and What to do with it once you have one! — Chris Tammany, Owner, Linda Alfonsi
Principle Driven Pavement Business — Rick Korsmo, Owner
Repairs and Interlayers Prior to Asphalt Overlay — Kevin Slivka, President/Owner
Guidelines for Preventive Sweeper Maintenance — Costas Cordonis, Warranty and Training Administrator
Pavement Defects: Causes, Solutions and How To Set Your Price! — Nick Howell, President
CEO/Laws of Success — Gary Rabine, CEO
Contractual Liability/Risk Transfer – Are The Contracts You’re Signing With Your Customers Putting Your Company At Risk — Scott Cerosky, Principal
For exhibit hall hours, more information and event registration, visit
Registering for NAPSA Certification Courses
The NAPSA website contains a link to the courses. Or, you can access the course list and registration links on the association’s dedicated training information and registration pages at, the site where all the courses are being populated.
For more information about NAPSA membership, certification training courses for sweeper equipment operators, commercial sweeping business management staff, ANSI conformance, power sweeping industry best practices, the upcoming expo, or other questions, please contact the North American Power Sweeping Association, at 383 Harbor Drive Lebanon, OH 45036, Tel: (888) 757-0130 Fax: 513-392-4300,
Pete Phillips is the owner of Clean Sweep Inc., Chattanooga, TN, (423-877-9192), which holds the industry’s top certification, the NAPSA national certification. The NAPSA certification is available only to long-time operators who have proven over time to available only to adherence to a list of NAPSA’s required business practices.

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