NAPSA continues to add to its industry-best educational offerings

New Fleet Fundamentals class, simplified Certified Sweeping Company requirements to be unveiled at National Pavement Expo

The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) continues to cement its status as the industry’s leading creator of educational resources when it rolls out its new Fleet Fundamentals class at the 2020 National Pavement Expo, which takes place Jan. 29 through Feb. 2 in Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition, NAPSA will unveil revised, simplified requirements for becoming a Certified Sweeping Company. The new requirements will add value to companies that seek certification, as they will incorporate the Certified Sweeper Operator (CSO) and Certified Sweeper Manager (CSM) programs.

“NAPSA has had many trains going on different tracks, and they’re all coming into the station at once,” says NAPSA President Scott Duscher. “It’s exciting, but it’s also overwhelming at times.”

NAPSA members have volunteered countless hours working to bring all these programs together so that members and non-members alike will benefit from the collective knowledge of the industry’s most experienced leaders. NAPSA is recognized as a standards writer by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and create and gained ANSI approval for the first-ever Power Sweeping Standard. The impact of these programs all coming together is the perfect storm of education for our industry.

Education and documentation are vital to the success of power sweeping companies. Driver education benefits companies not only by producing better performers but by keeping insurance costs from quickly rising.

The NAPSA/ANSI Power Sweeping Standard also contributes to stabilizing insurance costs and is a vital tool for fending off frivolous lawsuits. The CSM program teaches managers how to incorporate the standard into their businesses. Becoming a Certified Sweeping Company ensures that companies enjoy the benefits of both, as well as the support of NAPSA’s 300-plus member organizations and the competitive advantage that comes with certification.

NAPSA’s leaders and members are looking forward to showing you the industry’s gold standard in educational resources. To learn more, visit booth 432 at the National Pavement Expo, email NAPSA at, or call 888-757-0130.

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