Build Your Brand with the 800 SWEEPING Network

Build Your Brand with the 800 SWEEPING Network

When you think about business growth, one of the most overlooked branding tools are your very own vanity phone numbers that have the power of generating leads for your sweeping business! That’s the hidden value within your fleet. The 800 SWEEPING Network is a network of sweeping contractors that get the exclusive rights to the toll free numbers 1-800-SWEEPING and 1-844-SWEEPING in their area of service. It is the most memorable branding tool in the industry and the most efficient way to gain attention for your sweeping business!

All the 1-800-SWEEPING and 1-844-SWEEPING calls go directly to the sweeping company, routed locally by area code, so that the leads come directly to the contractors. Each company owns control of that toll free number in their market and has the exclusive rights to market and advertise their vanity number. They can put the number on their trucks, job signs, business cards, marketing materials and your fleet which immediately become FREE moving billboards for your company! Your customers see 1-800-SWEEPING or 1-844-SWEEPING numbers and they simply remember the number and call you!

The 800 SWEEPING Network is an extension of the 800 PAVEMENT Network which was started by Mike Musto, CEO of U.S. Pavement Services and the founder of the 800 PAVEMENT Network. After the acquisition of the 1-800-PAVEMENT number for his pavement maintenance business, Mike saw his sales triple as a direct result of his toll free number! Now, the 800 PAVEMENT Network has over 240 pavement maintenance contractors in the U.S. and Canada, all of them combined do over $1.4 billion in sales and understand the power of the network and the phone number!

Our Goal:

Our goal here at the 800 SWEEPING Network is simple: To help you build your brand and grow your business! We want to help you generate leads and get the most out of your investment. All of our members also qualify for buying porgams which we’ve established with the power of the Network! We’re currently partnered with companies like Genereal Motors, Sunbelt Rentals, World Insurance, Michelin, and many more to help you save thousands of dollars on new trucks, tires, rentals, equipment, insurance, and supplies!

Our 1-800-SWEEPING network has generated a ton of leads in 2019 for our 800 SWEEPING Network members! The great thing about our numbers is the fact that we send you your call reports every month so you can take a look for yourself. You can view how many calls you’re receiving, the date and time for each call, where those calls are coming from (The city, state, and zip), and how long are you talking to your customers – all this information can be critical for your business, especially when you’re retargeting your customers with better offers and savings!


While the motivation for joining the 800 SWEEPING Network may vary according to the needs of each individual Member, but the benefits of the network certainly help all members advance and succeed regardless of the situation. Everyone’s success story breads greater success for the entire group. In this fast-paced sweeping industry, it is critical to always stay ahead of the curve and continue to educate and develop best practices. As the 800 SWEEPING Network continues to grow, our goal stays consistent with helping our members grow their businesses and helping the industry by raising standards and overall level of expertise and competence.

To learn more about the 800 SWEEPING Network, call 781-897-4227 or visit!

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