J.W. Fleming Inc

Like most companies that provide street sweeping and pavement clearing and cleaning services, the story of J.W. Fleming Inc. is one of humble beginnings, beginning with a solitary machine and a single service- building up into a fleet of machines, a host of services- and a reputation in its service area as a local leader in the industry.

Founded in 1986, J.W. Fleming Inc. began as a simple parking lot sweeping service. Located in the heart of Pennsylvania, in the small town of Duncansville- J.W. Fleming Inc. was regularly called upon to move massive snow berms that can make gainful brick and mortar business all but impossible. With a population of fewer than 1000 residents, there weren’t a lot of volunteers to clear away the hundreds of thousands of tons of snow that would build up in the parking lots of local businesses.
In just a few short years, J.W. Fleming Inc. made itself indispensable to the daily lives of Duncansville residents and the local micro-economy. Since the company’s inauspicious beginnings, over 33 years ago, they have added a host of services to their resume including asphalt maintenance and sweeping services. Today, they even serve as a local distributor for BOSS snowplows and provide custom truck up-fitting services.
At the time the company was founded, the population of Duncansville was in the triple digits. While we don’t expect to impress anyone with its current population numbers, there is reason to think that J.W. Fleming Inc. might have had something to do with its recent growth. When we talked to founder and President James Fleming, he reluctantly agreed.
We asked Mr. Fleming if he thought his service had made it possible to grow. “Most of the time, when a small town like this is snowed in- the whole place is on lockdown,” he said. “With just the main drag and a few important access routes, it doesn’t take much to get things moving again.”
We get the impression that he would deny it if we were to claim that his service allowed the town to grow. But we would suggest that businesses do not pay for pavement repair and clearing services for no reason. It is not unreasonable to say that the company’s services improved business- especially during the Christmas holiday season. It’s just basic economics- if you improve business, you improve opportunity- and that means growth.
By its 33rd birthday, J.W. Fleming Inc. is less well known in the business community for snow removal and street sweeping, though they still provide these services. These days they are more locally famous for their infra-red asphalt scanning and repair capabilities- which looks like magic if you don’t know what you’re looking at.

It’s quite an interesting service. You see, in a climate with warm summers, cold winters, and a lot of precipitation- roadways and paved surfaces can sustain a lot of damage that’s not visible through the surface. Soil can erode beneath asphalt- leaving a weak, unsupported surface that can give way without warning. This can wreak havoc on automobiles that fall into those hidden potholes.
J.W. Fleming Inc. scans pavement with its infra-red equipment and spots these troublesome holes before they open up under pressure. Because potholes cause the average motorist as much as $300 a year- that makes J.W. Fleming Inc. seriously indispensable.
The company has an impeccable reputation for dependability, and for sticking out even the toughest jobs- a fact that anyone who has endured a severe Pennsylvania blizzard will certainly appreciate it.
Today, the community of Duncansville depends on J.W. Fleming Inc. for street sweeping, construction sweeping, paving and milling sweeping, asphalt spray sealing, hot tar crack repair, paving, parking lot and driveway paving, road paving, truck and dump truck bodywork, hydraulic outfitting, as well as snow and ice control.


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