EcoSweeping, Inc. services the Pikes Peak Region of Southeastern Colorado

EcoSweeping, Inc. services the Pikes Peak Region of Southeastern Colorado. EcoSweeping is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and provides services to Woodland Park, Manitou Springs, Fountain, and Monument, Colorado. Eco’s operations base is located in the smaller outer metro Denver market about 60 miles south of Denver proper and around 40 miles north of Pueblo, Colorado. (Colorado Springs sits over 6,000 feet above sea level, an even higher elevation than the “mile-high city” of Denver.)
The company’s steadily growing customer base of currently just over 200 accounts has positioned Eco as one of the fastest-growing commercial pavement sweeping service providers in its region. What has made the business so highly sustainable over its two decades in operations is its commitment to environmentally-friendly management practices and its success in maintaining its long-term relationships with its peer businesses, customers and community.
EcoSweeping Owner, Mark Chamberlain, tells the story of the founding and growth of the company:

Transitioning into the Power Sweeping Business

After selling my first business at 27 years old, which was a modular office furniture installation company, I found myself wondering what to do next. A friend of mine had purchased a sweeping service business in Denver, Colorado and asked if I would be interested in partnering with him to expand into the Colorado Springs area.
After about a year, he and his partners had decided the sweeping business was not for them, so they put the business up for sale. I had been researching the street sweeping industry, because of their offer. Somewhere around 1999, I started looking online for street sweeping equipment. During my search, I located a Tymco 210 that was for sale in Denver, Colorado from Armstrong Sweeping.
When I reached out to Armstrong Sweeping, purchasing my first sweeper, I met Kerry Armstrong, his wife Marsha, and their son Mitch. I quickly discovered Kerry Armstrong to be a great man, and whether he knows it or not, he turned out to be a great mentor as well.
Kerry took me to the parking lot and taught me how to operate that Tymco 210 for about 15 minutes and then said, “Hit the road kid.” Once I returned to Colorado Springs, I started sweeping friends’ parking lots for free, just for the practice. Kerry has been there all these years when I had questions or needed advice along the way.

Growing the Power Sweeping Community in Colorado Springs

It took about two weeks to find my first paying property, for $80 per month. I still have that same customer today, over 20 years later. As we now develop the construction side of our sweeping business, after just passing our 20-year mark in business, it is only appropriate that Mitch Armstrong of Armstrong Sweeping, Kerry’s son, has now taught my son, Sam Chamberlain, how to drive a broom truck that we just purchased from Armstrong Sweeping.
Mitch also introduced us to the 1-800-SWEEPER organization, which has provided us with resources, knowledge, purchasing power, marketing connections, and growth that we could have never realized on our own in such a short time. We have found it invaluable to be able to reach out, day or night, to partners within the organization and always get a response. The fellowship of the partners and have the ability to reach out to other sweeping business owners around the country for questions, answers, advice, and help is priceless.
We currently have three vacuum trucks and two mechanical broom trucks, for a total of five vehicles. Our current size affords us the reliability of having backup equipment to maintain the dependability that our customers have come to expect from us.

The EcoSweeping Team

My wife, Becky Chamberlain and I are the ownership and management team. Becky and I have been together since we were 15 years old. We’ve raised three boys. Once our children grew up and started moving on with their lives, Becky became more involved with the business management, which I must admit has resulted in growth that surpassed what I had done by myself.
Our motivation comes from a lifetime of working together as a team, building a family and business that we are very proud of. We pride ourselves in timely responses, quality workmanship, clear communication, and loyalty. Since we are in a small market, my family and I run into our customers at grocery stores and restaurants regularly. We are very proud of the relationships we have built in the community. We cherish those relationships!
We have 10 employees. Our middle son is supervising our crews and plans to take over the business someday. We do plan to expand services beyond what is currently offered, so we are constantly watching the local economy and growth closely as we implement each step of expansion.

Eco-Friendly Business Model

The majority of our customers are Property Managers, and most of them know why they need our services. If we do get a customer that needs to be educated in why street sweeping services are necessary for their commercial property, we explain how fast a parking lot can deteriorate from vehicles constantly driving over rocks and sand as well as the multitude of other reasons power sweeping is generally needed. Ultimately, it’s easy to point out how our services are much more reasonable than the costs associated with a new parking lot.
Being in Colorado, the environmental impact and footprint of any business is not only part of the regulatory process but also part of our local culture, so we are committed to running the eco-friendliest operation possible to do our part in keeping Colorado clean!

EcoSweeping Technologies

We use various technologies that provide us with the tools required for our company to be a leader in the industry. Our front- and rear-mounted dash cams, with artificial intelligence that includes facial recognition, is so observant that it can determine if an operator is looking at his or her phone. Our dashcam and GPS systems also track harsh braking or turning, speeding, and erratic driving with alerts. It also includes geo fencing, and it provides real-time route optimization systems to keep our drivers performing efficiently.

Advice for Newcomers to the Commercial Power Sweeping Industry from Mark Chamberlain, EcoSweeping, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

What advice would I give someone who wants to start a power sweeping service? Be prepared to get dirty. Work night and day. Become a NAPSA member and 1-800-SWEEPER partner. And, learn from your peers. As you grow your company, take advantage of the networking opportunities with other power sweeping company owners around the nation, to learn the best sweeping business methodologies.
Do not wait to join 1-800-SWEEPER. We initially hesitated, and once we joined our business doubled. We often imagine what it would have been like if we had joined earlier. Reach out to vendor partners within the 1-800-SWEEPER organization, and take advantage of the purchasing power and marketing services that are geared specifically for partners.
For example, we are excited to be working with Scenic City Studios, because they have been an integral driving force in content, website development and online marketing for several successful power sweeping companies around the country. The vendor partners not only provide discounts on the services you need, but they also bring years of power sweeping knowledge to the table that we typically would not have found with vendors outside of the 1-800-SWEEPER organization.
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