Street Sweeping Broom: Strip Brooms

The strip broom was designed as an alternative to the traditional tube broom. With interchangeable rows of bristle, the strip broom provides efficient sweeping, simple storage, ease of disposal, and simplified broom changeovers.
The tube broom has been the staple in the sweeping industry for decades. The only problem is, they’re bulky and very heavy, which makes them expensive to transport, difficult to change and even more complicated to dispose of. The strip broom was designed to address all of these issues and keep your sweeper doing what it does best: sweep.

How the Strip Broom Works

While the bristle in the strip broom may be the same as tube brooms, the way a strip broom is made is completely different. The strip broom bristle gets fused with individual strips that are the full length of the broom. The strips are then easily slid into channels that are welded horizontally on the mandrel which bolts on to the sweeper.
When the strips reach the end of their life, they can be replaced by undoing the bolts that secure the fiber guard, simply sliding the old strip of bristle out and a new one in its place on the existing mandrel. The fiber guards then get re-bolted and you’re ready to start sweeping again.
The mandrels for most sweepers are set up to take 18 strips to build a complete broom, although there are a few sweeper configurations that take 13 strips. The strips create a sweep point with a high concentration of the material to achieve the digging and flicking necessary to remove heavy debris.

Center Sweep Mandrel vs Spiral Mandrel

There are two style mandrels for different sweeping applications. The first is the Center Sweep Mandrel. The center sweep core is designed for municipal sweepers and directs debris into the middle of the sweeping path resulting in less streaking and improved debris pickup. It also allows collected debris to settle evenly in the sweeper hopper; eliminating elevator wear and the need for frequent adjustments caused by debris collecting to one side.
The second style mandrel is the Spiral Sweep Mandrel. The spiral core is designed for road construction sweepers that push debris off the road. There are different size mandrels to fit the different sweeper models.

Bristle Type

The standard bristle for the strip broom is the same polypropylene bristle used in tube brooms and wafer brooms. However, not all bristle is created equal. Different manufactures use different formulas that impact the wear and performance of the broom.
Strip brooms are also available in a poly/wire mix for the sweeping jobs that require a more aggressive sweep. In this case, crimped wire is combined with the standard polypropylene bristle to make a combo strip broom that brings the aggressive sweep and flicking agility of the polypropylene bristle together with the digging action of the wire.

Ship More Efficiently

Transportation accounts for a large percentage of an overall broom cost, and businesses today are continually looking at creative ways to efficiently purchase and ship the brooms they use.
Typically, only one tube broom can be shipped per pallet. For larger quantities, half or full truckloads are often needed to transport tube brooms. Alternatively, the versatility of the strip broom allows the strips to be packed in flat boxes, with each box holding 18 strips to make up a whole broom. Fifteen boxes of these strips can be shipped on a single pallet.
15 standard tube brooms = 15 pallets
15 strip brooms = 1 pallet
60 standard tube brooms = 1 full truck
60 strip brooms = 4 pallets

Don’t Forget to Recycle

The poly strip broom is 100% recyclable. Each strip can be placed in a recycling container once removed from the mandrel. A typical mandrel can last up to two years before needing to be replaced.
On the contrary, the tube broom cannot be recycled and needs to go to the landfill. The costs associated with disposing of each individual tube broom is significant due to the size of the broom.
All of these things considered, the overall cost of running a tube broom cannot compare to that of a strip broom. A strip broom will allow for more production and overall efficiency than that of a standard tube broom.
Since developing the strip broom several years ago, Keystone has successfully helped contractors convert their sweepers to poly and combo strip brooms. Contact us to learn more about how you can convert your sweeper.

Mike Santos, Sales and Marketing Manager at Keystone Plastics, Inc.

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