Rising to Excellence: All Care Sweeping

With over 20 years of experience keeping parking lots clean in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Charles Joseph has had his hands full building a solid sweeping company that has stood the test of time and will continue to see strong growth long into the future.

Sweeping Growth Strategies

At the center of All Care Sweeping’s strategy for growing the business is a solid focus on people. By focusing on hiring, training, supporting, and retaining quality workers, the business has seen significant growth. However, unlike companies that provide only the tools needed to succeed in their work, Charles also notes that the company works outside the box to support their employees’ personal goals as well.
We believe that the challenges and dreams that employees have in their personal life impact their ability to be 100% engaged at work, so we try to provide benefits that help support them both at work and home. For instance, last year we implemented an employee assistance program that provides employees with legal, financial and educational support with issues that impact their daily lives.
From the first time the customer contacts the company, through the service, and into the follow-up, there’s a strong focus on exceptional customer service.

Leading from the Front

Charles Joseph
The president and owner of All Care Sweeping, Charles jumped directly into the company from corporate work.

Chris Peters
Chris has worked in management for over 20 years, including several service-based companies.

Amy Kennedy
As the business manager for All Care, Amy helps keep everything moving behind the scenes.

Equipment Matters and Going Green

The All Care Sweeping team has partnered for many years with Nitehawk, using their Osprey and Raptor trucks to keep up with sweeping operations. Charles mentions that the trucks have been both easy to operate as well as easy to maintain over the years, making it easy for the company to keep operations going.
As they’ve grown into the construction sweeping segment of the industry, the company added a Schwarze A4, which has proven to be a great truck to enter the market, with plans to purchase a second truck to service the growth available in this market segment. The sustainability push is also seen, with limits on how long technicians can leave vehicles running while not sweeping and four propane-powered trucks added to the lineup in recent years.

The All Care Approach to Sales and Marketing

As with many extremely successful service businesses, the company sees its primary growth through referrals from property and construction managers. However, they’ve also partnered with 1-800-Sweeper’s marketing and service structure to gain numerous leads. Starting in 2016, the company has seen growth from both inside and outside the Kansas City region which has helped fuel their revenue.
Many sweeper companies are facing the challenges of digitization, and All Care Sweeping has met this challenge by investing more heavily into their website as well as social media. Though the jury is still out on the benefits of social media marketing on Facebook for a primarily B2B business, Charles is definitely sold on the benefits of improving the website.
With our website updates, we’ve found that we’re easier for out-of-town customers to locate us, learn about our company, and submit a request for information. The ROI from investing in our website is good.

Company Culture and Training at All Care

Inclusion and accountability are the themes of the day when it’s time for work at All Care. The worker in the field knows that their quality of work reflects directly on management and customer impressions, while management understands that their customer interactions impact the company’s ability to provide benefits to employees in the field. To support this process, All Care offers profit sharing, while an open-door management policy welcomes feedback from everyone in the business.
This is reinforced during the three-week training program that all new hires go through under shift managers or technicians. The training focuses on one-on-one education and oversight of new hire training, with a signoff every week by both parties acknowledging that the training is both received and understood. Monthly safety meetings keep current safety topics fresh, including weather-related illnesses, accident lessons learned, and more.

Rising to the Challenge

Charles faced several personal challenges when starting the company, as he didn’t have experience in the industry, but rather came directly out of corporate America. He focuses on understanding his employees and customers to keep both himself and the company learning and growing.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company made itself a contact point for new pandemic information and committed that even when the hours wouldn’t bear it out, everyone was paid at least 40 hours every week. Also, the company provided personal protective equipment to employees at the beginning of every shift, allowing them to feel safe when doing their job and interacting with the public.