NiteHawk Sweepers: A Carbon Neutral, Green-Energy Facility

Beginning April 1st of 2021, NiteHawk Sweepers in Kent, Washington became a fully carbon-neutral facility powered exclusively by green energy. This means every single-engine, noise-reducing hydraulic sweeper that drives off our production line was manufactured with minimal impact on the environment. How did a bunch of “trash guys” manage to accomplish this?

We Got the Power

NiteHawk Sweepers calls the beautiful Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest home. We are helping to preserve this rich environment by powering our manufacturing with locally-sourced energy that is 100% renewable. This means every drill, press, and grinder on our production line, and every light in our facility is predominantly powered by local wind and solar sources. Smaller amounts of power come from geothermal energy, landfill gas, livestock methane, and other sustainable resources within the Pacific Northwest. Compared to less environmentally-friendly power sources like coal and natural gas, this green energy blend reduces our carbon footprint by 180,764 pounds of CO2 every year.

Finding (Carbon) Balance

Working in the automotive industry, we are conscious of our carbon footprint and continually seek new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are proud to share that we have achieved a fully carbon-neutral production process. For any CO2 output not eliminated by green energy sources, NiteHawk offsets remaining emissions with a Carbon Balance initiative or investments in local projects that reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Carbon Balance projects include the Winston Creek Forest, a 10,000 acre, family-owned operation in southwest Washington. Their innovative farming practices raise trees through prime carbon capture years (age 35-60), before harvesting. Forest lands are also maintained to ensure clean water and a safe habitat for multiple endangered species.

At NiteHawk, we constantly strive to make our products and our production methods better for customers and the environment. As we continue to design and manufacture quality sweepers, we’re proud to run our business in sustainable ways that promise a better future for everyone.

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