6 Payroll Strategies to Streamline Your Street Sweeping or Paving Business’s Operations

Let’s face it: payroll isn’t typically the most thrilling aspect of running your street sweeping or paving business. However, by keeping up with the latest payroll procedures, you can keep your contractors and your clients happy, ultimately helping your business grow and thrive.

Of course, when it comes to setting up a streamlined payroll system for a street sweeping or paving business like yours, it’s important to educate yourself on the necessary tax forms, deadlines, and procedures — but that’s not all you need to succeed. The following organizational and technological tips are just as valuable to help you establish a payroll system that benefits your business for years to come.

1. Provide Resources and Guidance Early

The first key to payroll success is providing your team with ample resources and information early on. As soon as someone joins your team, be sure to give them access to basic payroll information. New team members will need to know the frequency and mode of payment — for example, biweekly by direct deposit. They will also need information about the proper procedures for getting sick or personal days and vacation time.
Once you have shared this essential information, be sure to maintain open lines of communication with your team. If anyone has a question or concern about payroll, be sure to respond to their query promptly and thoroughly. Giving your team access to resources and information about payroll from the get-go allows you to enjoy a smoother onboarding process and ongoing professional relationships.

2. Stay On Schedule

Yet another strategy to enhance your street sweeper or paving business’s payroll procedure is to stick to a schedule. No one likes being paid late, and you probably won’t enjoy being constantly asked about paychecks. In order to make sure that your team receives payments on time, establish a schedule that includes paydays, deadlines to receive contractors’ completed forms, and important tax filing dates. You should also ensure that your schedule allows time to double-check time cards and other necessary forms before processing them. These scheduling tips will work wonders for your business’s payroll procedure.

3. Invest in Adapted Software

As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to invest in tools that reduce human error in day-to-day operations. Payroll is one such task that you can simplify with the right software tools. There is no shortage of software options for businesses like yours; check out Gusto, Paychex, and ADP software to get started. Take the time to do your research — your business may have specific payroll needs that certain software tools can accommodate better than others.

4. Utilize a Time Tracker

Yet another way to streamline payroll is to utilize a time tracker for employees. Whether you use a time tracker on your website, platform, or employees’ devices, it is bound to make both your and your employees’ lives easier. In addition to eliminating the need for employees to track their own time, which can be unreliable, time tracking tools also make overtime payments a breeze for employers. Timesheets.com, QuickBooks Intuit, and Harvest are just a few options when it comes to modern time tracking tools for employers like yourself.

5. Conduct Internal Audits

One of the best ways to avoid making payroll mistakes that could cost you valuable time and resources is to conduct regular internal audits. By going through your payroll procedures with a fine-tooth comb, you are much more likely to catch errors that could have created problems down the road. Once you have conducted your internal audit, take the time to reflect on how you could improve your payroll procedures.

6. Continue Learning About New Payroll Solutions

With all of these tips in mind, business owners like you can easily streamline your street sweeping or paving business’s payroll. That being said, it’s essential to stay educated on the latest tax requirements, payroll software capabilities, and organizational tools to optimize your payroll system and your overall operations.
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