1-800-SWEEPER’s Announces New Mentor Program

1-800-SWEEPER continually looks for programs and opportunities to help our Partners grow their business as well as grow professionally. We launched the National Pavement Maintenance Leadership Academy in 2019 and graduated 2 classes of 24. The program has since been on hiatus due to the pandemic and is expected to resume in 2022. We are now offering our Partners another program that enables them to learn from each other.

Our new Mentor Program offers Partners the opportunity to learn and grow as businessmen/women. The goal of a mentorship program is to accelerate the personal and professional development of mentees. This is achieved by providing mentees with guidance, advice, and feedback from mentors with more experience than themselves.

Whether you’ve been in the sweeping business for 20 years or 2 years, our Mentor Program provides Partners the opportunity to learn from each other, the best in the business. This new program was kicked off in May with 15 Partner participants, both being mentors and mentees. “You’re never too old to learn, everyone has ideas on how to do things or can improve in areas, the mentor program allows Partners to talk and share their experiences”, says Ben Steyer, Executive Director of 1-800-SWEEPER. The Mentor Program is not set up to be a traditional mentorship program. “Our program has a group format. Each group is made up of Partners with different levels of experience and company size. It works very well for everyone.”

The Mentor Program is just another benefit of being a 1-800-SWEEPER Partner. If you’re interested in learning more about 1-800-SWEEPER, contact Ben Steyer at bsteyer@1800sweeper.com.