Top 5 Brand Development Tips

As a street sweeping or paving contractor, it is easy to focus on the everyday operations and aspects of your business. Meeting the needs of clients, ensuring your employees have good working conditions and staying on top of operational expenses are just some of the things you probably think about daily.

However, do you ever focus your time on the intangibles? Your business’s brand — often the first identifying piece of your business encountered by potential clients — should be something that is reflected in more than just your logo. Read on for the top five brand development tips you need to integrate into your street sweeping or paving business today.

1. Create Your Identity

Whether you are a new street sweeping or paving business or an established company, your brand has to have an identity. Make sure that your brand, not just your logo, targets the following:
• Your purpose
• Your ideal consumer
• Your personality
• Your story

If your brand is already hitting the mark on all of these areas, great! If not, sit down and think about each aspect of your brand. If you are honest and send a cohesive message, you’ll attract loyal customers.

2. Update Your Visual Identity

When you have consistent branding, more people will recognize your business. Recognizable brands like UPS, Coca-Cola, and Apple have consistent branding.
Don’t just use a logo on advertising materials. Instead, use your street sweeping or paving logo on social media, uniforms, correspondence, your website — the more places people see your logo, the more recognizable and memorable it will be!

3. Research Competitors

Yes, thinking about your brand is paramount. However, you need to remain cognizant of what your street sweeping or paving competitors are doing.
Look at the strategies employed by the competition. How are they attracting customers? Are they targeting the same audience? How are consumers responding to their tactics? When you examine what competing contractors are doing, you can learn how to make your street sweeping or paving brand stand out from all the others.

4. Integrate Brand with Content

According to Forbes, 68% of consumers report that they have raised their expectations of companies’ digital capabilities since the pandemic. What does this mean for your street sweeping or paving business? Make sure you are integrating your brand with your online content.

Online content doesn’t all have to be business-driven. You can use memes, gifs, and video clips to engage customers and drive interest. Blogs, social media posts, and emails are good ways to weave your brand into relevant content.

5. Utilize Partnerships

Think about your brand for a moment. Is there another business that could help you further your business goals? Is there another organization that could benefit in some way from your help? Think about partnerships as another way to develop your brand.

Maybe you figure out a way to help promote sustainability or inclusivity. Many consumers are invested in social issues. Corporate responsibility is somewhat or very important for 70% of Americans. Partnering with an organization to make the world a better place will increase brand recognition and promote goodwill, making your business more attractive to consumers.

Pave Your Way to Success by Using Brand Development Strategies

Brand development might not be on your shortlist as an important task in your street sweeping or paving business. However, taking the time to get it right will increase brand awareness and help you build your business. Learning how to use your brand effectively will help you reach more people in the long run.
Don’t be afraid to put your brand out there. Taking the time to develop and nurture your brand will build trust and create loyal customers. Use these tips to help you develop the brand of your street sweeping or paving business. Benefit from more helpful tips to grow your business by checking out the North American Sweeper Magazine today.


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