Foundation of Family and Gratitude Are the Keys to CAM Services Growth

The first time Hunter Hartman sat in a sweeper truck, he was only two. Perched in a car seat, he watched wide-eyed as his father took him for a ride. Decades later, it is no wonder that he’s now the president of CAM Services in Denver, Colorado.

With family roots at the heart of everything they do, the company is an industry leader across the Rocky Mountain region. Hunter’s parents, Butch and Debby Hartman, started the business back in 1999.

At the time, the transition was one that just made sense. After working in the landscape maintenance industry throughout the 1980s, Butch took on a customer request to provide power sweeping services for a single client. They didn’t have a sweeper truck at the time, but a truck full of labor with sweeper pans and brooms got the job done.
Demand for the service grew, and he later branched out on his own, replacing manual workers with actual TYMCO sweepers to create what is now known throughout the state as CAM Services.

Like most children that grow up in family-owned businesses, Hunter helped out around the office and job sites throughout his teen years. After a year at college, he returned and joined the team as an official executive member, where he has been ever since.

Massive Growth Over Two Decades

Over the last two decades, the company has seen immense growth throughout the region. Keeping with a tradition and theme of versatility for their clients, they now offer over seventeen different services, ranging from hauling and fencing sales to power washing and snow removal.

Thanks to a background in commercial property management, the company has also branched out to offer building services, such as construction and demolition work. In the future, that list is expected to continue to grow.
However, sweeping and snow removal remain a primary focus for the business. Some of CAM Services’ more notable clients include Quikrete, Lockheed Martin, Denver International Airport, and multiple local municipalities. On the sweeping side, they utilize multiple equipment brands, but prefer TYMCO 600 DST-6’s.

What sets them apart from other companies in the industry? Clear communication and the use of tech to ensure both the driver and the customer are on the same page. According to the company’s website, each vehicle is outfitted with GPS technology to track time and duration that a driver is at a customer’s location. For Denver International Airport, the company has a ten million dollar insurance policy and requires badged employees to have an extensive background check before being dispatched. And that’s just two examples of their commitment to going above and beyond for their customers.

According to Hunter, CAM Services currently employs around ninety full-time employees and up to a whopping six hundred during peak winter season when snow removal becomes a primary service.

“It’s good to have such a positive reputation in the industry that so many people are willing to work for us,” he explains, emphasizing that they would not be where they are today without their support staff. “We always want to take care of our people and we’re incredibly grateful that some of them have been around for ten to fifteen years.”
He notes that keeping employees for that period of time is unusual in the industry, where cost of equipment, CDL licensing, and labor costs can sometimes make it difficult to remain fully staffed.

Emphasis on Customer Service and Gratitude

With all that growth, it would be reasonable to expect to lose some of that small business mentality within the organization. But not according to the younger Hartman.

“Customer service is at the heart of everything we do,” Hunter explains. “We like to say that we treat all of our customers as if they’re our only one. And that’s important to us.”

Even speaking with Hunter on the phone for this interview, you can hear the genuine sincerity in his voice. This is a family that loves their industry and delighting customers. In fact, the level of gratitude for the way they’ve been able to grow since 1999 is evident in the way he talks about some of his key employees.

“Our team is really the reason we’ve been able to accomplish as much as we have as a company. Some of them, like our operations manager, have been with us for ten to fifteen years. Without all their hard work, CAM Services wouldn’t be what it is today,” he says.

Looking Towards the Future

These days, Hunter acts as the head of the company while his parents are—as their son puts it—semi-retired. But family is still at the center of the entire operations process. Hunter’s sister, Shanae Dix, is Vice President. “We’re the small business that grew, but still remains a family business at heart,” he says.

While nobody knows what the future holds, one thing remains very clear. As CAM Services continues to grow within the Colorado sweeping and commercial construction industry, their commitment to their family, employees, and customers will always remain strong.

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