Another Year in the Books!

As 2021 comes to a close, like many of you we are reflecting on this year of challenges and growth. When we think back on the successes we had and the difficulties we overcame, we feel a great sense of gratitude for the talented people we work with every day. The connections we make with our vendors, customers, and colleagues are not only critical to running our company and solving difficult problems…they’re what make the job worthwhile! Let’s take a minute to reflect on those key relationships and how we can improve them as we start a new year.

Caring for Your People

Good business owners know this simple fact: the success of your business is directly related to the quality of your people. As you prepare for a new year, think about how you can improve employee motivation in 2022. We have found that low motivation among employees is often due to a lack of opportunities for advancement, creativity, or personal growth within the organization. If you are not able to offer financial incentives, think about creative ways to bring your people into the big picture and planning of the company. Create opportunities for different employees to take leadership over new initiatives, and coach them up to be more effective managers. Showing =interest in individual growth will remind employees they are valued members of the organization.

Looking out for the Customer

As with any relationship, cultivating trust and loyalty with the customer requires one-on-one time and attention. Allocating resources to give personal attention to the customer will show you care, that you’re serious about meeting their needs, and that you strive to provide quality service. In a tech-obsessed world, do not underestimate the value of face-to-face meetings. Working directly with the customer will enable you to read their reactions and respond immediately to any concerns. If an in-person meeting is not possible, a phone call also adds a personal touch that is often lost through email.

Caring for Yourself

As small business owners, we are notorious for pouring all of our time and energy into our businesses. This is what the job demands, and it’s often where our passion lies. But especially this time of year, we can reflect on our work-life balance and make sure our passion for work is not coming before our well-being or the well-being of loved ones. Remember in the craziness of running your company to schedule time for yourself and for your family. Take time away for hobbies, relaxation, or whatever it is that recharges you. Whether it’s hitting the gym, reading a favorite book, or spending time with family and friends, our personal time keeps us grounded, healthy, and happy.

If there is anything the NiteHawk team can help you with—whether it’s sales, marketing, operations, finance, or just talking about the industry—please give us a call. Even if you never intend to buy a truck or aren’t a current customer, we would love to talk to you and see if we can help. From everyone here at NiteHawk, we wish you a warm and prosperous holiday season and renewed optimism for the upcoming year.