Diversifying with Sales and Service: LoRe Sweeping

As with many sweeping companies, LoRe Sweeping started out as a family business that has diversified, but in an unusual way. Begun by Carmen and Maryann LoRe in 1978 with a single walk-behind Billy Goat Sweeper, the company quickly expanded. As their daughter, Marisa, came of age and married her husband Chris Faiella, who had started working for the company in high school, they stepped into their own roles in the company, modernizing the business and keeping up with changes in the industry.

However, one of the ways that the company diversified was different from most sweeping companies. Though many companies move into power washing, parking lot striping, and similar services, the LoRe family decided to open a second business, Garden State Sweepers, to act as an XBroom dealership. Though they’d used Elgin sweepers for many years, they wanted to go in a slightly different direction and noticed a small ad for XBroom. Combining business with vacation, Mr. and Mrs. LoRe flew out to Arizona to check out the company. Because it was just starting to produce sweeping trucks, the LoRes bought the third truck produced. They like it so much, they asked the company if they could represent XBroom.

Diversifying with Sales and Service: LoRe Sweeping

Built on a basis of exceptional customer service, the company focuses very strongly on always being able to deliver for their customers. Mr. LoRe focused on this from the beginning, and if they get a call in the middle of the night from someone who forgot to schedule their service, it gets done, even if Mr. LoRe or Mr. Faiella have to jump in a truck and do it themselves. If a truck breaks down, they have the capability to send another truck out to get the job done. With a 40-year history of outstanding service, it’s no wonder that they’ve developed a loyal following of customers to whom they are loyal in return.

But beyond actual family, LoRe Sweeping is a family affair. Many of the mechanics, drivers, and officer personnel have been with the business for many years, even decades in some cases. The LoRes operate with the understanding that without their entire team, there is no company, and that attitude builds loyalty from their employees. In fact, one of the office workers, Debbie, worked for the LoRes when she was in high school, left to raise her children, then came back, and now her kids are also working for the company.

These days, the LoRes are often found in the sunnier climates for the colder parts of the years, and the Faiellas are taking over more and more responsibility for the company, making it easier for Marisa’s parents to enjoy their golden years. As that change has occurred, they’ve focused strongly on improving technology. One aspect that has strongly impacted operations is GPS tracking of all the trucks. If a truck is delayed because of road construction, an accident, or a similar delay, Chris can call ahead from dispatch and let the client know about the delay proactively. If a customer does call in, dispatch can tell them exactly where the truck is and about when it will be there.

But that’s not the only change in technology. When the company was started, marketing was much different than it is today. Marisa has taken over marketing for both businesses, and actively uses social media to promote the company, especially Instagram and Facebook. Drivers are encouraged to take pictures as they work, which can be used on the company’s social media accounts. Their new sweeper trucks are wrapped to make them stand out, providing a clean, unique appearance that helps not only protect the paint but also promote the company, both as a service as well as a dealership.

The company starts its day between 5-7 A.M., with Christ in the office to make sure the sweepers are getting out and can swap out vehicles if there’s a problem. The office staff comes in for about eight hours, setting up appointments for the next day or week. Same-day sweeping is something they try to avoid when possible, and for the most part, the regular customers set things up in advance, but if someone needs same-day service, they work it in if needed. Overall, the company is run 24/7, with dedicated staff to meet their customers’ needs.

That being said, there are some challenges that they’ve faced over the years. The LoRes have chosen to invest in new equipment, which allows competitors to undercut them in price with used equipment, but because they’re not as reliable, customers come back for superior customer service. Finding supplies during the COVID pandemic was another challenge they faced, and the current increases in fuel, insurance, parts, labor, and similar expenses are creating their own sets of challenges.

Marisa passed on this advice during our interview for new businesses, “don’t devalue yourself. Know your worth.”