Implement these 7 Localized Advertising Strategies to Attract More Street Sweeping or Paving Clients

You need to have a solid marketing plan in place to grow your sweeping business. While you can try general business strategies, you need special local marketing techniques if you operate and render remote services.

In this post, you’ll learn seven simple local advertising strategies to include in your marketing plan to help you get more clients for your street sweeping or paving company.

1. Print Your Company Details on Your Equipment

As a street sweeping contractor, your equipment is probably the biggest marketing tool you have at your disposal. Printing your company name, logo, and contact information on your equipment is a great way to put your information out there and advertise your business locally.

2. Business Cards

While your equipment can be a great marketing tool, you shouldn’t stop there. Instead, get your employees in the mix. Hand business cards to your drivers, for example, to give out to anyone who talks with them on the job.

3. Do Some Local Networking

Local networking is a great way to promote your paving business offline and should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. You can start by joining your local chamber of commerce or other networking groups. Your best approach is to join these groups looking to build relationships rather than sell right away. You will have many appropriate opportunities to promote your sweeping business with time.
Another in-person marketing strategy is to attend trade shows. If you can afford it, the exhibitions sometimes give you the chance to target your specific audience.
The general idea behind networking is to put yourself out there. As you build relationships, you will eventually get access to new contacts and generate leads for your business.

4. Focus On Local SEO

As a localized service business, optimizing your company’s position in local search can produce great results. Hence, your marketing plan must have a strategy for local SEO.
Improving your local SEO can help you generate significant traffic and leads from the local community. There are different ways to achieve this. One way would be to create location pages for all the major cities you service. Another way is to optimize your Google Business Profile page to increase your company presence on Google Maps.

5. Target Nearby Social Media Users

Like local SEO, you want to direct your local social media efforts locally. Understanding how different channels work will help you market your paving business better.
Facebook, for example, allows you to set up a business page easily. Here, you can post your operating hours and services rendered. Facebook also has a specific option allowing you to promote your business to other local Facebook users. Twitter, on the other hand, allows you to create a business page and set up paid advertisements to reach more customers.
You can also use other platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, but the goal of your social media strategy should always be to get local customers to follow your channels.

6. Register With Local Business Directories

It’s not uncommon for local customers to look to directories to find businesses or professionals rendering particular services near them. Make sure to correctly list your business in relevant local directories like your local chamber of commerce and yellow pages.

7. Focus On Benefits, Not Features

One mistake street sweeping or paving business owners make is only talking about company service features. What you want to do is use the knowledge you’ve gained of your customers’ problems, pain points, and common questions to create and talk about how your solutions can address them.

So, instead of saying that you provide street sweeping or paving services, tell them how you save their time by cleaning or laying their concrete. Features are good to mention on your website, but you need to highlight benefits to generate leads and make sales.

Provide Exceptional Service

Implementing the above marketing strategies will undoubtedly elevate your business and help you attract more street sweeping or paving clients. However, all of the efforts will be for naught if you don’t provide exceptional service. The goal is to get new clients and retain old ones. Plus, if done right, every client becomes an advertising tool via word of mouth.

So, follow these seven steps, provide exceptional service and watch your sweeping business succeed.