Mister Sweeper: Serving Dallas & Houston Since 1965

Mister Sweeper was founded in 1965. Over the intervening half-century, they have earned a reputation for high-quality street sweeping service and have become the Lone Star State’s most trusted street sweeping company.

Mister Sweeper has been in the business for 65 years at the time of this writing and their service area is absolutely massive. That’s very impressive because they have a staff and crew of just under 70 people. What’s more, they have committed their limited workforce and resources to clean parking lots and streets all over their two major service areas, while applying their special touch to the contracts they fulfill.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

So, how does a street sweeping contractor with fewer than 100 employees serve an area the size of two Midwestern states? Part of their solution is to take calls well into the evening.

According to the head of their Dallas office, they noticed many years ago that when a business owner or a property manager sees that their parking lots or private service roads need a sweep, it’s usually after hours. Just as a mess in your home bothers you most when you’re stressed or tired, you’re much more likely to want outside help when you notice it at the end of a hard day.

Mister Sweeper gets many of its new contracts between the hours of 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm. They get calls from bosses, at the end of a long day of delegation and decision making, looking forward to the drive home, after they walk to their car and notice that their parking lot is full of dust devils and fast food containers. They know it’s bad for business and hurts their brand for customers, clients, and partners to get stung in the face with hard-blown dirt before walking into their office. At that point in their day, they are ready to call in the street sweeping pros and sign on to a regular service contract.

Mister Sweeper Services

For such a plucky little company, they do a lot. The bulk of their work involves cleaning parking lots. It’s a big job, most of which has to be done outside of business hours.

Parking Lot Sweeping

When you think of your favorite grocery store, ask yourself, is the parking lot filled with dust that sprinkles your car when the wind picks up? If not, it’s probably because a street sweeper comes through at least once a week either before or after operating hours. That’s what Mister Sweeper does. But that’s not all.

Street Sweeping

They also sweep streets around the properties of their clients. After all, dirt and dust don’t stay put, and most property managers understand that.

Construction Site Sweeping

Another issue most of us probably never think of is the need for street sweeping at construction sites. This is especially important before laying down new asphalt and concrete. The alternative would be to lay down pavement that is impregnated with dirt, sand, and whatever else might be blowing around. It’s especially bad when dust and debris get affixed to the surface of a new piece of pavement. Mister Sweeper helps make this unfortunate result less likely to occur.

Power Washing

Few people think of power washing when they think of street sweeping, but it’s an important part of the job. After all, a brush and suction can only do so much. For major spills, oil spots, and other sticky messes, only a high-powered pressure wash will do the job.

Mister Sweeper’s More Unique Services

For a modestly sized company to successfully cover such a large service area takes more than pluck and determination. The alternative would be speeding tickets and overworked vehicles. Mister sweeper makes itself indispensable by doing more than the average street sweeper company. They also do Grime Grinding, Stripe Painting, and Porter Services.

Grime Grinding

Grime grinding is a relatively novel service that applies special hardware to deliver additional “elbow grease” to the job. Using a specially equipped truck, they scour areas in need of intensive care to deliver a level of cleanliness that only new pavement can compete with.

Stripe Painting

After a heavy grime grinding, stripes, curbs, wheel stops, and signs might have been stripped clean as well. So, Mister Sweeper offers striping and repainting service to these areas. After a complete lot-cleaning, a fresh coat of paint on these details really puts the shine on a job.

Street Cleaning With a Neighborly Touch

Finally, the people at Mister Sweeper know that running a noisy sweeper truck near homes outside of business hours can be, well, unneighborly. For this reason, they provide porter services in areas near homes and other sound-sensitive locations. This means they pick up trash by hand and broom in spots where it really counts.

That’s a level of commitment to the community that you don’t expect to see from a company covering an area equal to more than half of the Lone Star State. And it’s that kind of attitude that makes outfits like Mister Sweeper the gold standard in their industry.