Two Big Growth Problems To Overcome in 2022

Entrepreneurs are masters of juggling all the elements for business success. You know how to be it all and do it all for your company and customers. But, many small business owners struggle due to two often overlooked business marketing management and planning needs. Here is some general guidance for exposing obstacles to success by meeting these two fundamental necessities for small business growth in 2022.

NUMBER ONE: Ungrounded Marketing Strategy

One major business problem in many small businesses is a lack of solid marketing groundwork. What does that mean? Rather than rapid launching into ad blitzes and aggressive social campaigns on multiple platforms, start with the less sexy basics to build a program for ongoing success. For example, first:

Carefully Examine Your Competition.

A thorough study of what you’re up against will supply you with invaluable data and intel needed to excel above your competitors’ established service and pricing models. This approach lets you surgically zero in on your business’s specific competitive needs with precision. You can conserve precious time and energy and marketing dollars this way. How? By acting as efficiently as possible to plan and execute only actions targeted at out-delivering your market’s strongest competitors in the particular areas of their performance that currently exceed yours.

So, first, perform a competitive market analysis to give you a clear picture of what all your key competitors are doing and how it’s impacting their bottom lines. Include their comparative product and service descriptions, pricing, genuine customer reviews, and many other useful details. Consider conducting a competitive employer market analysis too, to understand how they measure up to your employer brand and why.
Armed with this foundational information to ground your marketing strategies, you can undertake a clearly defined and simplified marketing mission — to exceed your most successful competitors on the key metrics. That is the winning formula for superior brand building and marketing.

Internal Marketing and Sales

You can expect much of what you’ll need to correct to match and exceed your best competitors to be in the area of passive internal service value adds coupled with upgrade sales and referral programs that focus diligently on customer retention.

After all, external advertising is one thing. It has its use, place, time, and cost. Today’s effective channels include all the standards. You need a business website, pay per click, social pages, social display ads, and an email marketing system. TV, radio, popup locations, public events, and digital signage are all helpful. Even classic newspaper displays, external signage, and telemarketing have their place. You may need a combination of these, depending on your market size, location, and your business’s ancillary service channels.

But, in any case at all, internal passive marketing to current customers for repeat sales, additional services, and referrals is the time-proven universally most operationally efficient and cost-effective approach to investing marketing dollars, time, and energies for any size business.

NUMBER TWO: Weak Online Presence

The internet is the virtual marketplace of the 21st century. It’s where you spread brand awareness. It’s the place of unparalleled opportunity to share your business with your audience. But, there’s a new big problem it brings — web congestion. This is the density of competitors struggling to be best recognized in your industry and market area on the web. This can seem like an insurmountable obstacle to success for a new entrant to the arena of local competition in larger markets.

This is indeed where the proverbial rubber meets the road in modern marketing. It’s where many entrepreneurs come to that moment of great enlightenment, discovering the following truth of the mystifying web sphere: Web content cannot be dismissed as simply some obligatory yet throw-away garble with some large fonts and a 15-second video tacked on. And, social is not just a Facebook page with three photos of your sweeper trucks and a few blurbs about internal training and awards.

Your strong presence in the online marketplace draws new opportunities to you in your local market. It opens up new markets for ancillary service channels, if you’re so inclined. It is your vehicle for expanding your prospect base. To reiterate that: The web is everybody’s communications and shopping tool now, including people browsing their B2B service options. So, it’s the single most convenient and cheapest resource for you to reach the most prospects. There’s no more economical tool or program for you to grow a much bigger potential customer base.

Maximizing Profitability Of Your Web Resources

Neglecting the web or treating it as a necessary nuisance can create one of your biggest problems for your small business. So, by all means, focus quality time and energy on building your online presence and getting your business noticed on the web. Once, you’ve come to terms with the need to embrace the web and make the very most of it as a marketing resource for your business, you have two options for web management — DIY or professional service.

DIY Web Mastering

If you’re going to manage your digital business interests entirely in-house, you’ll need to become educated on the array of web marketing tools (many are free) for managing your web marketing. You can get most of what you need through downloads, such as campaign analytics, contact database, channel management, event-triggered actions, content management, email marketing, lead management, and much more. Through these and other applications, you can track reactions to your ads and posts and even read the signals of undulations of web responses to competitors’ activities parallel to your own.

Professional Web Marketing Services

Yes, you can do it all with the right web marketing tools, but the question is how well you can do it, how efficiently. If it’s not cost-effective to learn and do it all yourself, then that’s not the path to maximum profits. Frankly, it’s likely to be a more practical option for most small and growing sweeping businesses to take the easy way out and pay the fee for an experienced professional service to do the work for you. This route frees you and your team to do what you do best, selling your pavement sweeping services and lavishing exceptional customer service on the customers who support your business.

A web management service will optimize your website to attract organic visitor traffic from Google searches, minimize bounce rates, and maximize first visit conversion rates. They’ll publish enticing content that establishes your business as the industry authority in your region, i.e., the go-to resource for knowledge and wisdom about all things to do with commercial pavement sweeping service. Your web marketing service will gauge the market and ensure your business is taking full advantage of all marketing and branding and savings opportunities. Through all their efforts to boost your business’s web success, they’ll generate leads and usher them into the top of your sales funnel.

Shiny New Marketing Tools

The road to business success can sometimes seem more like an obstacle course with barbed hurdles and a swampy section of murky waters filled with perils to profitability. The miles through 2020 and 2021 were far more treacherous. Fortunately, we’ve learned that U.S. American entrepreneurs in the pavement sweeping industry and so many others are naturals for adroitly fielding such challenges as they keep coming.

As businesses throughout the country appear to be gradually and cautiously moving toward more normal pre-COVID operations, yes, there’s pressure, stress, and some residual excruciating mental pain. But, we understand, maybe better than ever, the deep abiding satisfaction in managing well in crazy circumstances that makes it all worthwhile for highly talented entrepreneurs pursuing their passion.

As such, you’re undoubtedly one of the nearly 90% of business owners who know by now that customer experience is the driver of customer retention. And, you’re probably one of the 100% who are well aware that effective time management is critical to sustainable success in business management.

So, it’s not a big leap to the straightforward solution for the common business problems of ungrounded marketing systems and deficient web marketing. Conquer these two in early 2022 and, all other things being equal in terms of service quality, time and money management, staff retention, etc., you can expect good results from turning your attention to the marketing fundamentals we’ve discussed here.

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