DTG Recycle Enters the Pacific Sweeper Market with Professionalism

Sometimes the new kid on the block isn’t exactly new. Which is exactly the case when it comes to DTG Recycle. As one of the largest commercial recyclers in the Pacific Northwest, the company is no stranger to helping customers while keeping an eye on environmental impact.

Which is why it only made sense for the firm to make a lateral move to sweeping last fall. “We were sweeper customers ourselves,” explains Ryan Jackman, Chief Growth Officer. “The service was something we needed as part of our stormwater management plan for our facilities and a big part of being a good neighbor to the communities surrounding our nine facilities.”

But that’s when they noticed trouble with the providers they were using. “The services we were getting were not good,” explains Jackman. “Not only were they expensive, they would come through and really do a half-hearted job. It wasn’t up to the service standards we expect when we do a job, which was a real problem.”
And that’s when an idea was born. DTG Recycle decided to purchase a couple of trucks and handle the service in-house, which would save time and money over using an outside provider.

Things only progressed from there. “We had a couple of customers ask if we could take over their sweeping. And we thought, why not? So, we went out and bought eight more trucks,” says Jackman. “It just made sense.”

Premier Street Sweeping Service in the Pacific Northwest

DTG Recycle officially launched their sweeper program in September 2021. According to Jackman, the main focus is to give customers one resource for a multitude of services.
“As a sustainability company, we saw adding street sweeping as a part of giving our customers a comprehensive service to meet their needs,” Jackman explains. “We want to be a one-stop-shop for those who need our services. For example, if you go to a construction site we’re servicing, you’ll see a dumpster, portable toilets, and a sweeper truck. We do all of it.”

Despite the problems they’ve personally experienced with local sweeping companies and challenges associated with the industry as a whole, Jackman stresses that their goal is to provide the best service possible.
Further, the company wants to angle itself as the most dependable and cost-effective in the Pacific Northwest. “Our team strives to have nice and courteous drivers, excellent service, and professional equipment. Which is really what our customers have come to know with our company and expect from us,” continues Jackman.
They currently run six Elgin trucks, including Broom Bear, Broom Eagle, Crosswinds, and RegenX models. They also have two Schwarze models as part of their fleet.

Another area where DTG Recycle works to give customers the best service possible is to keep scheduling reasonable and not overlook.

“We were hearing from a lot of our customers that the biggest problem they had with our competitors is that they would overbook, have a truck go down at the last minute, and then not be able to complete the job. Instead, we’ve set this program up so that we anticipate issues and always have backup trucks to get the job done. If we say we’re going to show up, we show up.”

Hiring the Right Team

That said, the team at DTG Recycle knows that hiring experienced staff is the key to success in any new expansion. Which is why they brought in sweeping supervisor Sheldon Barnes, who had worked as a sweeper driver and with other local providers in the industry for over a decade.

“We have to give Sheldon all the credit when it comes to the success of the sweeping program,” says Jackman. “He really reached out and found the best drivers and guided us on how to put together the best possible sweeping program for our customers.”

“With his attention to detail, knowledge of the industry, and focus on customer service, we could not have had a better guide in making this division possible. We could not have done it without him,” Jackman continues. “He’s amazing and really set us up for success.”

Who is DTG Recycle and What Else Do They Do?

Founded in 1999, the tradition of making changes to better an industry is nothing new for DTG Recycle. With early days rooted in a single bad experience at a transfer station, the company has grown to have 200 trucks and 350 employees. “Primarily, we deal with construction, demolition, and industrial manufacturing recycling,” says Jackson. “But we do some curbside recycling, too.”

How did they get their start? As the story goes, founder Dan Guimont was the owner of a hauling company near Seattle when he pulled up to a local transfer station. The attendant was so rude that he pulled off the scale and left—opting to start his own company instead of continuing to receive horrible service. It is a theme that really rings true to all that they offer and how they look at expanding into new territory or offering new services.

Innovating and sustainability is really the heart of everything they do, as well. DTG Recycle also recently inked a twenty-year exclusivity deal with Shell to take plastics that aren’t recyclable and turn them back into oil for future plastic production. It’s the first time something like this has been attempted at scale in the country and will take care of approximately 50% of Washington State’s plastic waste.

So, how does this affect the sweeper side of things? “Most companies that generate this type of plastic are required to sweep at least twice a year, but a lot do more than that to be great stewards of the environment. Since we already work together, we want to be their first choice for the additional services our company provides,” Jackman explains.

The Future of Sweeping for DTG Recycle

Although they are new to the region, DTG Recycle’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and superior customer service is unmatched. “We might not be the most expensive or the cheapest,” concludes Jackman. “But our customers can count on the fact that we’ll be there to do the job on time and our staff will always offer the best customer service possible. It’s really what sets us apart.