Building Your Team

Everyone knows the success of your business is directly related to the quality of your team. And every good team consists of players with a variety of skills. At NiteHawk, we’re fortunate to have incredible assemblers and welders in our production facility, skilled technicians in customer support, and tenacious salespeople out on the road. But in business, there is more to every team than the regular full-time employees.

As we work with our customers on fleet management, new market growth, and operational efficiency, we have found a pattern among the most successful companies. All the best conversations start something like this: “I spoke to my accountant and she recommended…”

Owners of the most profitable companies do not meet with their finance professionals on April 14th, hand them a stack of receipts, and ask “How much did I make?” Instead, they include these individuals in their monthly close outs, quarterly budget discussions, and annual strategic planning. They speak regularly about the company’s progress, and they are constantly looking for ways to improve. Successful owners also meet with their insurance agents on a regular basis to receive recommendations on policy improvement, reducing premiums, and decreasing risk exposure. They have relationships with bankers that understand their business’s capital requirements. They have trusted people both in and out of the industry with whom they brainstorm; sometimes these are friends, sometimes they’re colleagues, but all of them share an interest in your success.

It takes real relationship-building to find the best people with whom you can consult. To expand your team and meet new challenges, you need to assess your current areas of weakness. Focus on finding that accountant, insurance broker, banker, or trustworthy friend that has a passion for your small business. Require that they get involved and become creative, like you, to look proactively at the future. As entrepreneurs, we are accustomed to figuring things out on our own, so it may take a bit of humility to ask for help. But as you develop relationships with qualified people, and you let them get as excited about your business as you are, you will grow your network and increase profitability. Let others share in your successes and in time, the effort and money spent will pay off.

If you’re in the sweeper industry and you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow I really don’t have anyone like that I can trust…” Guess what? You’re wrong. At NiteHawk we want to see every small business succeed, and we’re happy to share our experience to help you tackle those tough challenges.

In the words of legendary scientist Claude Bernard: “It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning.” Know what you don’t know and find someone to help. Then you’ll have a team that’s unbeatable.