Jacketta Sweeping Service

As the most populous city in Utah, Salt Lake City has a pronounced need for the regular power sweeping of its streets, lots, parking structures, and the like. But beyond the marked level of particularized heavy metals, soot particulates, and other debris common to busy roadways, the air in SLC is also known for its particularly high saline content. Add to that the close proximity of Salt Lake City to the salt flats and Nevada’s western desert, and there is no denying that SLC is going to need its own professional-grade, enterprise-level power street sweeping company.

That is where Jacketta Sweeping Service, the state’s premier street and parking lot sweeping service, comes in. Founded in 1968, JSS was created by Neil and Bonnie Jacketta.

They started over half a century ago, cleaning parking lots on a Wayne Ride-On Sweeper. That, if you’re curious, is a 4 x 6 foot, single-seated power sweeper with 7 horsepower and a three-speed transmission. Interestingly, we found one on an antique engine auction site. Apparently, it’s still running, just like the company, it helped create.

Jacketta Sweeping Service: The Next Generation

Today, Jacketta Sweeping Service has got a heck of a lot more going for it than seven striving horses packed into a few hundred pounds of rubber and steel. They run 15 full-size city-class sweeper trucks serving municipal, commercial, industrial, and construction companies across the entire Salt Lake City metropolitan area.

The family-owned company is now managed by Debbie Jacketta, the daughter of the founders. She bought the company from her parents in 2002. She is a member of the board at the North American Power Sweeping Association, and chairwoman of the Certification Committee. At one time, she was the president of the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA), once known as The Contract Sweepers Institute.

She has also been a featured speaker at The National Pavement Expo and is a member of the Salt Lake Chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Debbie served as President of NAWBO from 2008 to 2009. In 2008, she was selected to be featured in Utah Business Magazine’s “30 Women to Watch” series for her work at Jacketta Sweeping Service.

Debbie took over the management of the company when her father, Neil Jacketta, passed away in 1999. She worked closely with her mother, Bonnie Jacketta, from that time until she retired. Bonnie passed away in 2020, and Debbie has dedicated her life to building the brand into what it is today, and beyond.

Debbie’s leadership has helped transform JSS from a scrappy little sweeping company into an industry-leading enterprise. Today, her influence in the sweeping business is considerable, and her savvy and charm have made JSS a worthy home for future generations of Jackettas.

54 Years of World Class Customer Service

Jacketta Sweeping Service earned its reputation, and its loyal customer base, not by promising a high level of attention to detail on every job and exquisite customer service, but by delivering it. It’s something the company’s founders worked hard to engrain not just in their employees, but in their children as well.

Debbie says, “When mom and dad serviced an account, they didn’t just roll in on a Friday afternoon, sweep and leave. They planned their jobs very carefully, working around machinery and customers, waiting for people to move in their time when they couldn’t get in outside of business hours. And they always called the client afterward to check that they were satisfied.”

A Competitive List of Sweeping & Maintenance Services

Most street sweepers are run by a single contractor with a single mobile unit. Unlike JSS, outfits like that cannot offer complete surface maintenance services. JSS offers:

Power Washing

A full, power wash-down of all exterior surfaces and graffiti removal


Laying down lot navigation signage is a final touch that only the most refined power sweeping companies deliver

Debris Removal

Bulk debris is unsightly, and can easily spread. JSS removes bulk debris

Porter Services

Dedicated to complete cleanliness, JSS delivers comprehensive cleaning

Of course, those are just the added fine details of any complete sweeping job. Jacketta Sweeping Service also provides a full range of power sweeping services with a level of attention to detail that cannot be beaten. It’s a list of services, coupled with a level of client care that has made the Jacketta family something of a local legend among the Salt Lake City business community.