8 Things Small Businesses Need in 2022

The uptick in new small business startups since the shake-up of the small business sector began in early 2020 has brought many new entrepreneurs looking to maximize growth. Their strategy is to add revenue channels and adopt accelerated methods to offset losses from the lengthy restrictions on operations during the 2021-2021 quarantine. In early 2022, the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) assembled a panel of 11 small business experts to discuss trends they’re seeing this year and why. We’ve selected a few that are highly applicable to the sweeping industry.

Small Business Experts Discuss 2022 Needs & Solutions

Here is a discussion of seven observations we’ve selected from the many offered by a panel of young business management authorities about the kinds of needs and solutions they think will positively impact the small businesses community during the remainder of 2022.

1. People-First Workplace Culture

Reflecting on the experience of the past two years, people have a clearer perspective than ever on what they most value. They’re choosing to take more time for their families, friends, and themselves. Talented workers are more inclined to choose employment where they can benefit from work/life balance. In 2022, business owners are recognizing the need to build stronger workplace values with a people-first mindset as the centerpiece of their business’s culture.

2. Robust Online Community Support

One great advantage for small businesses over bigger ones is that they have greater agility to connect on social platforms with their audiences. The majority of modern consumers routinely spend some time there and much of social marketing is free and even paid ads are incomparably economical. So, the opportunity is wide open for any small business to build social support, including developing its own influencers. As a result, online communities are being built by small business owners who recognize the unlimited power of social. They can collaborate more effectively on personalizing offerings and even drive social change.

3. The Balance of Voice Search and SEO

The new age of entrepreneurs is expecting a balance between voice search and conventional SEO. With people increasingly depending on voice-activated devices and the technology advancing so much in the past few years, businesses can capitalize on this evolution in communications and cutting-edge marketing tech. We can expect to see businesses capitalizing on the SEO/voice search model to grow brands by late 2022.

4. Soaring Use of Marketing Automation

This year, there is continuing vast growth of marketing automation across the small business economic subsector. In 2022, automation of every available sort plays an essential role in growing a business. That includes 24/7 phone call processing, field pricing and invoicing, software for capturing and initiative processing of leads in the field, maintaining fleet maintenance service, monitoring driver activity and sweeper functioning, and more. A networked array of automated computer processes is not just an ideal fit with the commercial sweeping business, it has already become indispensable to all who look to compete for growth in 2022 and beyond.

5. More Hiring of Freelancers

The time has never been better for hiring more freelancers. Some significant benefits to a business and some of the professionals who serve its interests are available in bringing in independent people who want the greater autonomy and flexibility of contracting. In areas like HR, marketing, bookkeeping, tax preparation, IT service, mechanical repair, office, shop, yard, and vehicle cleaning, driver monitoring, and more, freelancers can contribute at a savings to small businesses in the industry. It further means improved work-life balance and career control for many contractors.

6. Facilitation of Hybrid Online-Offline Business Engagement

This trend is growing and appears to be increasingly in demand by commercial consumers who live online and on the phone simultaneously. That describes most business managers. By mid-2020, many, many businesses were forced to seize more online solutions. By 2022, B2B consumers who had not yet converted to the more convenient work-life of moving seamlessly between online and offline communications with vendors, prospects, and staff have learned to love the expanded functionality and instant access to everything they need for dealing with everyone most effectively. For example, they can easily research a vendor, utilize their online documents, receive demos, make agreements, and much more.

7. Access More Virtual Sales & Marketing Tools

Utilizing low- or no-cost virtual selling and marketing tools has become a great cost-saver for moderately tech-savvy business teams to promote their offerings. This mode of reaching target markets will continue to grow as the dominant means of reaching prospects and current customers. In 2022, small businesses looking to grow should be taking advantage of this key area of digital. They should even explore easy-to-access, intuitively programmable, augmented reality sales tools that once required custom technology.

8. Find More Remote Work Opportunities

In the commercial sweeping industry, many may still perceive remote work as a very limited possibility for their companies. But, untapped benefits may be there for office workers as well as quality-control managers, porters, and other field workers. These workers can save and be saved costs and convenience in a pavement sweeping company on many days collectively each year. It further helps the environment to have some people do work from home as a frequent or occasional perk.

Unique Perspectives on Long-Standing Issues

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck in early to mid-2020, it sent a lot of professionals into unemployment. Many others lived with reduced income from deep cuts to work hours. Some began remote work. The changes meant more time to explore adding new revenue channels and optimizing efficiency. The result has been a substantial upswing in lean, strong startups, many of which are now thriving in mid-Q2 2022.

The new generation of entrepreneurs didn’t just bring their excitement about cryptocurrency and the democratization of e-Commerce Tech to the business sector. The innovative new business owners have also brought their best ideas about fostering workplace cultures of people-first mindsets and genuine prioritization of company values. They also brought their understanding of business tech, including automation and virtual tools. They offer other exciting perspectives focused on long-time issues around core team building and nurturing a culture of inclusion and equity.
Clearly, 2022 and the next years belong to those business leaders who recognize the new digital dynamics of the best modern business competition and management.