All Care Services

Based in Kansas City, KS, All Care Services has been cleaning retail parking lots, streets, and construction sites, and more in the Kansas City Metropolitan area for over 23 years since 1999. As such, they are the only North American Sweeping Association (NAPSA) Certified power sweeping company in Kansas. They are also partnered with the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREMKC) to care for the holdings of IREMKC partnered property managers.

Kansas’ Most Connected Street Sweeping Company

All Care Services is also a member of the 1-800-Sweeper Nationwide Service Alliance. 1-800-Sweeper is a network of professional street sweeping companies and individual contractor/sweeper-operators cleaning roads and lots in all 52 states. 1-800-Sweeper is actively seeking members, but All Care Services is one of just a few corporate members of the network.

For customers in the Kansas City area, that means, when they call 1-800-Sweeper, they get access to the comprehensive care provided by All Care Services. And of course, All Care Services offers the NAPSA certification quality guarantee to all of its business partners.

All Care Services Leadership Team

All Care is managed by a lean, four-person team. They are Chris Peters, the General Manager Amy Kennedy, the Business Manager, Kayla Dye, the Manager of Daytime Operations, Andrew Turner, the Manager of Night Operations.

Chris joined in 2018. He is a dedicated family man who oversees the general operations of the company. His background is in property maintenance, commercial sweeping and landscaping. He has an acute understanding of the importance of curb appeal and added value that sweeping brings.

Amy joined All Care in 2008 and handles all of the administrative level human resources and accounting needs of the company. She too has a background in property management, having once served as a controller for a property management firm and as a business manager for a mortgage company. As someone who is well-versed in the world of property management, she understands the value sweeping brings to organizations in the form of first impressions. Most importantly, she understands the need to create a positive work environment for all team members.

Kayla joined or re-joined All Care Services in May of this year as our Manager of Day Operations. She worked as a full time Property Technician and Manager for the company until deciding to take the past 5 years to pursue her education. She recently graduated from the University of Kansas. She has over 12 years tenure with the company and when not working, she enjoys spending time with her dogs.

Andrew, the manager of night operations joined the company in March of 2021. Originally from San Diego, CA, he has lived in the Kansas City area now for just over twenty years. He has a background in warehouse operations and management. Andrew played football and ran track in college and brings that positive, team-building approach to the team.

Being locally owned and centrally located gives All Care Services the ability to provide top-quality customer service to the people they serve.

General Manager, Chris Peters says, “People have lots of options when it comes to the services we provide. Customer service, communication and follow up are what set us apart. As important as the external customers are to our success, Charles Joseph, the business owner, impressed upon me that our employees are our #1 asset and should be treated that way.”

List of services:

In addition to parking lot sweeping All Care Services performs these additional services:

• Milling, Paving, and Road Construction Sweeping
• Municipal Street Sweeping
• Residential Street Sweeping
• Construction Sweeping
• Industrial Sweeping
• Parking Garage Sweeping
• Power Washing
• Permeable Pavement Cleaning
• Warehouse Scrubbing

Peters went on to explain that top-quality service has a great deal to do with hiring, training, and developing our people, along with keeping our equipment in top-notch condition. He says, “Proper maintenance of the equipment improves the quality of our work AND helps maintain/improve our environment.”