West Haven Street Sweeping Company Where Service & Community Meet

The street sweeping industry goes back to the 17th century when brooms and roads first existed side by side relatively commonly around the world. As late as the 1970s, men took jobs sweeping the streets of New York and similarly sized cities by hand. Today, full-sized, heavily equipped street sweeper trucks do almost all the labor for us.

Street sweeping equipment was towed behind horse-drawn carriages before the advent of the combustion-powered automobile until around the turn of the 19th century. But the advanced sweepers we see today had their earliest iterations in the form of a combination of trash removal and street sweeping units. Street sweeping as a specialized service didn’t fully emerge until the late 70s and early 80s, and the entrepreneurs who got on board early would become a lasting, dominant force in the field of street sweeping.

The West Haven Street Sweeping company is a prime example of just such an organization that got its foot in the door of this industry early, an industry that would explode between the early 80s and today. West Haven Street Sweeping is a family-owned and operated business serving West Haven Connecticut for more than three decades, placing its inception right at the start of the modern street sweeping industry. They have been named as ranking among the top contractors by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine, a small CT media company serving contractors working in paving and pavement maintenance. But that is far from the limit of their accomplishments.

Local Service with Corporate Management Coordination

West Haven Street Sweeping’s team of drivers are residents of the communities the company serves, giving them intimate knowledge of the streets and locations they service. For their customers, that means WHSS delivers timely, complete, and detailed-oriented street sweeping services that exceed expectations. In this way, they serve local areas quickly and reliably, while their corporate management capabilities maintain clean, beautiful streets and lots for customers with just a single location as well as those with multiple corporate branches.

The Advantages of Family-Owned Street Sweeping

As a family-owned and operated business with more than thirty years of experience serving the community where it was built, the people of WHSS know their customers and their locations thoroughly. It means that they share sensibilities, culture, and history with the people they serve.

Joe Capobianco, the owner of West Haven Street Sweeping, says that working in a community in which your organization is intimately integrated, eliminates tons of potential for miscommunication. “There’s so much that goes unsaid, things that must be done a certain way, and things that must not be done in a certain way. If you had to explain it all in words, you’d never put brush to pavement. That’s what serving your hometown means.”

24-Hour Service

Not many street sweeping services offer 24-hour service, and certainly, WHSS doesn’t need that level of dedication to remain the area’s go-to sweeper. Keeping their drivers on call gives the company the ability to offer a higher level of customer service. It means that when the customer has a problem or an unexpected emergency arises, they can count on WHSS to sort it out quickly, efficiently, and fully.

For retail businesses, that means they know their lots and the surrounding streets will be ready to accommodate customers even after an unexpected mishap. That gives them peace of mind. But beyond that, it gives the shareholders of the organizations WHSS serves more reason to invest with confidence in those companies.

After all, a small to medium-sized business can lose a significant portion of its requisite revenue in just one week or even a single day at certain times of the year. Further, the more crucial a given weekend is for business, the more likely disruptions are to occur.

Some examples include trash mishaps, fender benders in parking lots, vandalism, broken glass, and even toxic dust. Any of these could disrupt a business for hours, even days. Problems like this on a Black Friday, for example, or before a long-anticipated New Year’s blowout sale could take a significant bite out of a company’s projected earnings. WHSS remains on call to sort these and other potential problems out, oftentimes even before their clients open their doors for business the next morning.

Giving Back

Too often, we associate philanthropy with the millionaire class. But there is much more to supporting a community than donating money in exchange for a strategically positioned plaque.

That is why, for the past 8 years running, the West Haven Street Sweeping company has participated in a local charity drive, which is also the state’s biggest cycling event. WHSS’ “Team Capobianco” rides each year to raise money for research and patient care at the Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center.