B & J Sweeping & Sons: Taking Street Sweeping to the Next Level

Established in 1978, B & J Sweeping & Sons is a minority women-owned business operating in Baltimore, Maryland, providing street sweeping, debris removal, construction site cleanup, and much more.

B & J actively takes pride in the work they do, posting videos online and letting their customers leave comments and feedback. A lot of companies would be bashful about that kind of thing, fearing unkind comments from the odd malcontent. But the people behind B & J know that any job, and any customer relationship, can be made right with a little extra attention after the initial visit. But in cases where something unexpected happens, B & J delivers on their value proposition with thorough, detail-oriented cleanup services.

Offering free quotes and estimates, they offer same-day service with a satisfaction guarantee.

A Unique Approach to Scheduling

Almost any business, no matter what it is, will post its operational hours prominently on its website and by the front door. For a business like B & J, it is not uncommon to see things like “24-hour service,” “emergency service,” “on-call” and the like. But the people at B & J know that you can’t do street sweeping when customers or employees have their vehicles parked all around the contract location, or when traffic is hustling through the area. So for them, it’s all about making an appointment. In so doing, they can make sure that the area will be clear when they show up.

Their business hours are posted as “flexible scheduling.” So they are telling you right off the bat that there is some preliminary work that goes into every job. First, they discuss the service time with the client and make sure the area will be reasonably vacated at that time.

That eliminates a huge amount of difficulty that is common to this industry. It is exceedingly common for street sweepers to show up at a job and find vehicles, dumpsters, and other blockages all over the service location. When this happens, the operator will have to wait, or call a supervisor. The supervisor then has to call the customer, and it can take hours before the work can be completed.

This plays havoc with the sweeper’s schedule, and it can be a real setback for the customer as well. So B & J has made a very smart move by referring to their scheduling up front as “flexible.” This tells the client without telling them that they should make sure nothing is left behind to get in the sweeper’s way. Their returning and regular contract customers are familiar with all this.

“It’s kind of like having a landscaper mow your lawns. If you want the job to be done completely and in a timely fashion, you know the kiddy pool has to be moved before they show up.”

It’s a simple and elegant solution to a persistent problem in this industry, and it goes a long way toward keeping their customers happy and the lots they clean looking great.

A Long List of Services

Few street sweeping companies these days do sweeping exclusively. It’s common to see a number of pavement repair or restoration services, including cleaning up oil stains. But B & J has the longest list of services we have seen from a street-sweeping company by far, including;

• Street Sweeping
• Debris Cleanup
• Construction Site Cleanup
• Paving
• Milling
• Line Grinding
• Municipal
• Rumble Strip Installation
• Dirt Drag when Hauling
• Parking Lot Sweeping

The item that caught our eye was paving. This is not the kind of thing you can do with equipment that fits in the back of a pickup. Paving requires demolition and removal, grading and sloping, sub-base prep, roll proofing, undercutting, binding, texturing, and joining transitions. It requires heavy equipment and heavier materials. On top of this, prepping, hauling, and laying down pavement is not a casual operation.

For B & J to build out the tool sets and teams to do all of this is impressive. At the end of the day, they are raising the bar for “full service” street sweeping. For them, a complete job might mean dealing with every aspect of what it takes to provide a fresh-looking piece of pavement, starting from bare earth and finishing with fresh asphalt.

In the final analysis, people call B & J for everything from a simple sweep to any pavement-related endpoint they are thinking of, putting them ahead of the competition by a mile.