We’re certainly no strangers to humble origin stories, but that of CleanPro from St. Louis Missouri is a doozy. It all starts just ten years ago in 2012 when owner/operator Nick Giordano started cleaning windows with a bucket and a squeegee. Nick worked furiously, adding capabilities each year until he eventually built his business into St. Louis’ leading street sweeping company.

One thing is clear right off the bat, and that is that CleanPro is delivering exceptional service to the St Louis area. If we have learned anything over the years, it’s that companies like this cannot gain a foothold unless they meet an unfulfilled demand.

There is only one other way to leave a mark in the street sweeping industry, and that’s to be the creation of an established multi-million dollar entity. CleanPro is the opposite of that, a genuine rags-to-riches upstart.

CleanPro’s List of Services

While most street sweeping companies only service city contracts and large businesses, CleanPro takes care of both commercial and residential clients.

Residential Services

• Home Exterior Soft Washing
• Roof Cleaning
• Exterior Window Cleaning
• Power Washing

With the average temperatures in St. Louis ranging between a mild 89 degrees in the summer to a modest 33 degrees in the winter and average annual humidity of 65%, residential clients are concerned about mold and mildew. For this, CleanPro offers the services listed above. But they also have an attractive 18-month, mold-free guarantee. After a complete service, if a home shows signs of mold on the exterior within a year and a half, CleanPro will return and repeat the cleaning for free.

Commercial Services

• Building Washing
• Window Cleaning
• Concrete Cleaning
• Grease Removal
• Parking Garage Services
• Dumpster Pad Cleaning
• Vacuum Recovery

Some of these bear explanation. The grease removal service applies to auto shops, restaurants, and more. Most people would be surprised how much grease goes through some types of businesses, and it can be pretty tough to get rid of without specialized equipment. CleanPro brings that very type of equipment to bear on these jobs.

Concrete cleaning is nothing unusual, but it requires power washing, of course. It also takes chemical treatment to get oil spots out in parking lots and carports and can be a very labor-intensive process.

The parking garage service is where street sweeping meets its toughest challenges. These structures tend to accumulate dust and debris quite readily. They are also rife with oil stains from leaking cars and trucks. For most street sweeper companies, parking garages are one of the biggest jobs. Most of the time, teams will have to service these structures after hours when few to no cars will be parked in them, and a complete service can take all night.

Dumpster pad cleaning involves the power washing, sanitation, and surface restoration of areas where dumpsters are kept. As you can imagine, in such a temperate and moderately humid zone, these locations can get rather nasty, and the smell is tough to get rid of with service less forceful than a power washing and disinfection. But, with their expertise in mold removal and prevention, CleanPro is up to the task. Next comes Vacuum recovery

Vacuum Recovery Service

Also known as water reclamation, vacuum recovery is used to lift stains from surfaces using pressurized water. Where it gets interesting is the application of the vacuum, which draws off the dirty water just after it is used to clean a surface. This reclaimed water is stored in a tank that CleanPro hauls away, disposing of the used water elsewhere.

While it might not sound like much, vacuum recovery is going the extra mile to deliver a higher standard of cleanliness. In most instances, water is simply used to wash a surface and the water used to do so is allowed to run across the same or adjacent surfaces. When this happens, the dirt that was just removed is only spread around.

Power washing without vacuum recovery is a bit like dusting a table with a dry rag, it just moves the dirt around. Vacuum recovery takes the dirt, oil, and other contaminants away from the area for a superior level of clean.

CleanPro’s own words best sum up the companies commitment to their community, “We believe in treating those we work with – including customers, employees, and partners – like family. We love our community and aim to see it become the cleanest, safest, most beautiful place to live and work. ”