Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is one of the oldest operating full-service property maintenance companies in the country. They have served the Washington DC and Baltimore Metropolitan area for over 45 years, providing machine sweeping, pressure washing, seal coating, line striping, and porter services to government and commercial clients.

So, the question is, what does it take to remain a leading street-sweeping company in one of the most demanding markets in the country for nearly half a century? Well, with the intense political and high-profile business communities in these areas, impressions are very important. Government institutions have to maintain the trust of the public, as do business interests, and that makes the appearance of cleanliness a top priority.

With that much experience under their collective belt, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is a shoe-in anytime new contracts come up for bidding. But shining exteriors and a sterling reputation are just the beginning of this company’s unique value proposition.

Staying Competitive in America’s Toughest Street-Sweeping Market

Suppose the elected head of some government agency neglected the exterior cleanliness of his headquarters. Then, he was voted out and replaced by someone who kept the place clean and shining inside and out. People will notice. Even if they don’t overtly take note of it, they will feel the difference, and that spells votes. The same goes for people driving by. One year, the place is dusty and dingy, the next it looks great. Believe it or not, it makes a big difference, especially in Washington DC.

In local politics, even if the appearance of a building associated with a given candidate did not have a direct effect on the result of an election, candidates still have an intense desire to boost their image in any way they can. Clean buildings and parking lots are a big part of that.

Naturally, this very real need for clean exteriors spills over to the business community. If you had the choice between shopping at a hardware store with a nice parking lot and clean facade and a dusty one, the choice is clear. This goes for any type of business; restaurants, grocery stores, law offices, or what have you. The nicer-looking business gets the business. This is true no matter what city or town you’re talking about, but in this part of the country, it’s a deeply embedded part of the culture.

It’s something the proprietors of Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning have known for decades. It’s a key to getting ahead in this business that has made them successful where others have fallen behind. In the final analysis, all it takes is one incident of oversight, one missed oil spot, one plastic bag blowing over the hood of a car, and a sweeper company could lose a contract. Even a passing incident that does not reflect the overall quality of work by a sweeping company can leave a lasting impression in the mind of a client. For Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc, that makes meticulous service not only a must but an obsession.

Alright so, what’s the real difference between Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning and any other outfit with a sweeper truck? The answer to that question is better-equipped teams, not just individual drivers, more thorough service, and top-notch customer care.

Fully Equipped to Serve the Strictest Needs

This company runs and maintains a sizable fleet of sweeper trucks, each operating with both a driver and an assistant. While the driver operates the truck, the helper uses a portable blower to tackle debris on sidewalks, curbs, and other areas. By setting up each of their trucks with mobile phones, they can make sure any acts of vandalism or unauthorized dumping are discovered and reported. When they find things like that, they notify their clients right away.

That allows the client to alert the police if necessary. But most importantly, it ensures that if an act of vandalism or illegal dumping were to take place during the night or after a service, the client won’t mistake it for an oversight by the sweeping company. Unfortunately, vandalism and illegal dumping are big problems in these parts of the country, and the people at Atlantic Sweeping know how to get out in front of these kinds of problems before they can threaten a contract. It protects their business and gives the client some peace of mind.

All of their employees are trained and expected to clear off a parking lot fully. Sometimes a complete cleaning means having to hand pick up trash by hand on pavement, non-paved areas, green areas, planters, and carports. Atlantic Sweeping teams empty trashcans and change plastic liners. Plus, they deliver common area maintenance tasks including wiping down surfaces like trash receptacles and windows. This level of service takes longer and is much more labor intensive, but it makes a critical difference in the end result.

You would be hard-pressed to find a sweeping company that delivers that level of hands-on care, and that is what sets them apart from the competition. That, and the fact that they have some of the best-compensated crew members in the region in this industry, makes them possibly the most reliable, thorough, and trusted property maintenance company in Washington DC, and Baltimore.

That is quite a distinction, and one that Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning works diligently to maintain.