Oklahoma Facility Services

You’ve heard of landscaping businesses and street-sweeping businesses. But there’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of a company that combines the two as well as Oklahoma Facility Services (OFS), and that is also what sets them apart from any company that does either of the two above-mentioned services.

In today’s brick-and-mortar business world, curb appeal means everything. The same is true for any kind of business you can think of with few exceptions. Take legal representation as an example. Imagine walking into a law office that had overgrown hedges and a layer of dust on the front door. The first thing you would think is, “Why don’t they get someone to clean up?” The answer, inevitably, is either they don’t care or they can’t afford it. Either way, you are likely to take your business elsewhere. This goes for any competitive business, even if customers don’t interact with or see the facility or office directly – a clean building can mean the difference between securing the help of investors and getting turned down.

The same is true of private homes, which OFS also serves. That’s why on the landing page for their website, they use the words “curb appeal”early and often. If you’re a homeowner who knows you will want to sell your home eventually, then you will realize the value of keeping your property looking good. After all, most people who buy homes buy homes that they have seen in their daily routine. The dirty-looking house down on such-and-such street is unlikely to shed its dirty reputation, even after a quick clean-up job.

If you see a listing for a home that has always looked run-down and dirty, you’re not likely to call the Realtor for an appointment. For this reason, OFS serves homeowners who understand the value of persistent curb appeal and real estate companies, as well as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, government facilities, and many other types of customers.

For property management companies that owe their renters a clean and comfortable living environment, the need for curb appeal goes double. Not only is working with OFS part of good customer service, but it also helps draw in the attention of potential renters in the future.

Oklahoma Facility Services Service List

OFS has easily the longest list of services we’ve ever seen in a street sweeping company. Their service list includes, but is not limited to;

Fall Services: At the end of the summer, people start spending more time at home, which makes the exteriors all the more important. Fall is also a time to get houses ready for holiday guests.
Holiday Light Installation: Putting up holiday lighting can be a tough job, and a dangerous one too. OFS delivers safe and reliable light installation, helping homeowners get the best light display in the neighborhood. They are the only street sweeping service in the country that provides this service, as far as we know.
Leaf Removal: When the leaves pile up, they’re only good for jumping in until they get wet. OFS cleans them up before that happens.
Landscaping: Of course, one of the most important aspects of a good-looking exterior, is well kept landscaping. OFS offers a complete list of landscaping services.
Street Sweeping: The core of their business, OFS offers street sweeping just as an introductory service.
Structural Pest Control: Pest control is important not only for the appearance of a building but also for its safety and maintenance. OFS does what many pest control companies specialize in.
Pressure Washing: This service is common to street sweeping companies, and it’s a very important one. It is common for the dust to form a layer on building exteriors after a street sweeping, and OFS doesn’t consider their job done until pressure washing is complete.
Snow and Ice Removal: This is a relatively common service for street sweeping companies, but many simply don’t do it. OFS operates in areas where snow and ice are a concern, making snow and ice removal necessary for, many of the customers.

At the end of the day, there are few street-sweeping companies that do as much as Oklahoma Facility Services. In fact, we’ve never seen a service list as comprehensive or as complete as theirs is.