Sweeper Guys: Eco-Friendly Street Sweeping with a Technological Edge

There are many street-sweeping companies across this great nation, and all of them have their own unique value propositions, even if it’s just a matter of presentation style. Sweeper Guys of Costa Mesa, California are completely unique in their industry. In the early days of their rise to prominence in the Costa Mesa street sweeping business, they made a name for themselves as the go-to sweepers for homeowners associations. Naturally, this placed them in high demand among a dedicated and very demanding demographic.

But the corporate demographic has long been the most dedicated and most appreciative client type for street sweepers. This is due to the fact that local businesses and corporations have a direct and vested interest in the appearance of their building exteriors. Of course, you may be thinking that HOAs do as well, and they certainly do. But the corporate sector is far more willing to pay for clean parking lots since there is a measurable benefit to their bottom lines. So, like any good business, Sweeper Guys turned their attention to their most appreciative clientele.

Founded in 2014, the history of Sweeper Guys could be represented by an arc with a sharp curve in it. In a short amount of time, they transformed from the HOA sweepers to their current primary value proposition: ecologically sound street sweeping.

Eco-Friendly Street Sweeping With a Technological Edge

Sweeper Guys have leveraged some very innovative tools and techniques to make them on of the greenest street-sweeping outfit we’ve ever heard of.

On the surface, it sounds simple. They use mobile technology and specialized apps to manage all of their dispatching in the most efficient way possible. It’s a form of information technology that was actually perfected in the city streets of places like Las Vegas, Singapore, Charlotte, London, Barcelona, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

When applied to traffic control on a city level, this tech is used to reduce traffic congestion and emissions. The Juniper Research group estimates that by 2025, this type of tech could save cities like the ones listed above as much as $277 billion each.

All of their trucks are equipped with two sets of GPS from two different companies. That way, if one breaks down, they can still track and manage their routes for optimal efficiency. Their main objective is to mark where they have swept and where they have not so that they don’t repeat their work. Sure, it sounds pretty simple, but the estimated cost savings in fuel and supplies alone is enough to fund some smaller street-sweeping companies.

But that’s not where their tech assets end. Sweeper Guys also equip all of their trucks with 360 onboard camera surveillance. They use these for quality assurance and for safety. As you can imagine, a single incident with a street sweeper could result in litigation costs that could put the average street sweeping company out of business for good. Not surprisingly, this also saves them on the cost of their monthly insurance premiums. At the end of the day, it is all about efficiency, and that contributes to their eco-friendly status.

The apps they use are monitored on tablet computers tied to the locations of each truck. Each crew sees a full-color map of the entire service area. The streets on the map that have been swept are marked in red and the streets that still need to be swept are marked in green. As you might imagine, some trucks probably occasionally sweep locations that other crews have swept. But not so, because their tablets and apps are all interconnected, when one crew sweeps a street, the street gets marked and displayed so that all the other crews can see it.

This gives them the ability to plan and coordinate routes in the most efficient way possiable. A single contract location, for example, might be halfway in between the service area for two different crews. By following dispatch instructions, they might even split a neighborhood between them and still never duplicate their work!

But the tech doesn’t even stop there.

Protecting Costa Mesa’s Respiratory Health

Sweeper Guys also carry advanced dust control systems, and the reasons for it might be somewhat startling. It is a poorly understood fact that automobile emissions are chock full of heavy metal dust that is highly toxic to breathe.

When you see your neighbors using leaf blowers and kicking up clouds of street dust, it’s full of platinum, aluminum, and steel. Once those substances settle into your lungs, they don’t come out. Ever.

So, Sweeper Guys don’t let their machines kick up dust. It’s a level of common courtesy that goes above and beyond to better the environment.