Six Things You Should Do To Succeed In Your Small Business In 2023

Even if you’ve only been operating your small commercial sweeping business for the past couple of years, you’ve seen it all and done it all. The experience of these most recent years has rapidly advanced novice entrepreneurs to seasoned business disaster veterans. From the COVID national health crisis to the devastating economic shutdown that it triggered to the labor shortage, to the supply chain chaos, to the runaway inflation, it’s been quite a ride. Below are some fresh ideas from modern business experts to help resilient operators make the most of 2023.

6 Fresh Business Growth and Development Ideas for 2023

Especially if you’re finding that you’re so far holding your market position but new growth has not been reaching your benchmarks for 2022 Q4 and 2023 Q1 projections, consider these general recommendations. Applying some or all of these methods can realize a collective positive impact on your commercial sweeping business operations, budgeting, and sales this year and beyond.

1. Offset the Losses from Inflation.

With the exorbitant inflation rate and the persisting supply chain problems still weakening commercial consumer buying power, business owners must look for ways to reduce the serious economic impact on their operations. Ideally, a service business can find enough methods to offset enough of the lost purchasing power without raising prices, but not always. If you do need to raise prices to keep up with inflation, of course, that contributes to the inflation problem. So, here are some other ways to help manage against inflation. For example:
• Review each expense. Try to find ways to reduce where possible.
• Examine suppliers. Consider finding savings with new ones.
• Focus on operational efficiency. Cut waste in payroll, spending, etc.
• Be wise in your financial decisions. Refinance for reduced interest if possible.
• Raise prices as a last resort. If you can’t cut enough waste, make a small increase.

2. Roll Out a Loyalty Incentive Program.

Ask your web marketing specialist or read online about the vast array of loyalty program types and designs. With today’s targeted group and individual email marketing programs and easily integrated automated web services technologies, you can set up an efficient system quickly to generate a continuous flow of repeat orders from your satisfied sweeping customers. Talk to your tech management specialist to integrate a system with billing for crediting accounts as eligible orders are entered into the system.

3. Enter New Service Markets.

We’ve learned from the 2020-2021 economic shutdown that every business, however small or large, needs to be prepared to respond quickly to stay open during unexpected adverse external conditions. Such agility is now recognized as a key to any business’s financial security. It can be an exciting surprise to discover how many new opportunities present themselves when you make a few essential modifications to your operating model.

Among the most profitable options, if you don’t already have one, get a basic business website up and running. This creates an online business office for your sweeping business. This locates your company where today’s commercial consumers can do business with you in the domain where it’s most convenient and comfortable for them to shop for products and services. Another big winner is to choose a popular service related to your current offering(s) and target existing and new customers as prospects for your new line.

4. Make Your Website More Productive.

Consider some upgrades to your existing website to draw more prospect traffic from new and existing customers. Some examples of key changes that have the biggest positive impact on revenue generation:
• Optimize your site for mobile users or launch a mobile app to accommodate the nearly 60 percent of web consumer traffic that functions via mobile devices.
• Prioritize SEO to drive more prospects to your site. To make the most of your online business, work with an SEO service to improve your site’s Google ranking.
• Add a simple promotional or explainer video to your site. Video now dominates the online consumer marketing space, and you can add a video for a surprisingly small cost.

5. Take Advantage of Tax Savings.

If you haven’t already done so, become the type of business owner who is relentless about finding tax credits to keep every penny of your money that you are legally entitled to keep. Hiring a professional tax preparer can often save a small business or individual much more than the cost of the service. Call in advance to ask for an updated list of deductions that you may be eligible to claim, and do the work to bring in supportable numbers that can help minimize your tax bill.

6. Benefit from Self-Education as a Lifestyle.

Choose from the great overabundance of modern resources all around you to increase your knowledge of your field. Learn more and more about growing your business, building your brand, developing your team, boosting your revenues, strengthening your retention rates, slashing your tax burden, and any other business management and leadership topics. There are so many learning options, from college courses to trade magazines, to podcasts, to industry publications, you won’t ever run out of materials to help you improve your business management knowledge and strategies for success. More knowledgeable entrepreneurs are more likely to sustain growth long-term.

Very Specific Small Business Needs in 2023

By implementing one or more of the above suggestions, you at least eliminate one of the basic problems that modern management analysts identify as fundamental business needs. The above concepts are some of those understood as most likely to yield a net gain and unlikely to cause a net loss.

In other words, if you’re looking for basic growth methods, you don’t have much to lose by trying these well-proven concepts. They’re grounded on essential business principles, so, ideally, they are already in place in your business.

If these programs are not currently in use in your business, you should set goals, make a plan, and follow through to get these implemented. If they are already functioning in your business, then use this list of recommendations as cues to assess your current programs and list some things you can tweak in each one to maximize its performance for you.