Jim Hutchins, Principal of JTC Articulated, is proud to announce that it has been selected by
Egholm A/S of Denmark to be the US distributor for its line of multifunction compact sweepers.
The announcement comes after many months of discussions and an invitation visit to the
Egholm headquarters and factory in Lemvig Denmark.

“We are excited that Egholm has selected us to represent them here in the US. They
manufacture a high-quality compact ar7culated sweeper that with various attachments make it
a year-round machine for sweeping, mowing, snow removal, and more,” said Jim. “I have over
35 years of experience in selling and servicing ar7culated tractors and Egholm takes us into new
and expanding markets. And I think this was an important consideration for Egholm.”

Egholm manufactures three machines; the 26hp Park Ranger 2150, 33hp City Ranger 2260, and
74 hp City Ranger 3070. Each machine, configured with an all-season cab and various
attachments give them 4-season functionality. The Egholm machines allow sweeping
contractors to increase their income by expanding their services in terms of what and where
they can sweep, and offer additional services to their sweeping customers such as snow
removal of sidewalks and confined areas in the winter, and finish and rough mowing in the

End users such as municipali7es, golf courses, country clubs, apartments, and condominiums
complexes, warehouses, schools, universities, shopping centers, businesses, industrial and other
property owners that value the appearance of their properties and want to avoid a fleet of
single-use equipment will find Egholm an economical and practical solution.

Two Park Ranger 2150s will be arriving in late April and a City Ranger 3070 will arrive in
September, both will have numerous attachments for demonstration. JTC will be arranging
demos with dealers and end users shortly.

Interested end users and dealers can get in touch
with Jim Hutchins or JTC’s Na7onal Sales Manager, Bradley Schneider.
Jim Hutchins may be reached at 410-688-7165 voice or text, or jrventracs@yahoo.com.
Bradley Schneider may be reached at 540-551-2999 voice or text, or brad.egholm@gmail.com