Elgin Sweeper Announces Sale of Pelican Sweeper to Japan

Elgin Sweeper, the leading manufacturer of street sweepers for general street maintenance, special industrial and airport applications, has announced the completion of a Pelican three-wheel broom sweeper sale to Keiyo-Kogyo, based in Tokyo, Japan.

A member of the Tokyo Sweeping Association, Keiyo-Kogyo is using the Pelican to supplement its current fleet of 10 sweepers to clean the streets of Tokyo every night. Three-wheeled sweepers like the Pelican have been used by the city of Tokyo since 1957.

“We are excited to announce the sale of a Pelican sweeper to Japan,” said John Abramowski, Northwest regional manager for Elgin Sweeper, “The purchase of the Pelican sweeper was based on lengthy discussions, numerous fact-finding sessions and hours of product demonstrations with representatives from Keiyo-Kogyo and the Tokyo Sweeping Association.”

Representatives of the Tokyo Sweeping Association came to the United States to meet with various sweeper manufacturers and their equipment dealers for product demonstrations. During their visit, the association members visited Sansom Equipment Company, Inc., an Elgin Sweeper dealer with locations in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama, for a Pelican sweeper product demonstration. Abramowski said, “Sweeper operators in Tokyo are familiar with three-wheel sweepers, so the Pelican is ideal for
their needs.”

Daiichi Jitsugyo Co., Ltd., Elgin Sweeper’s dealer in Tokyo, facilitated the sale of the Pelican sweeper to Keiyo-Kogyo. The dealer worked closely with the customer and representatives of the Tokyo Sweeping Association on the sale, including helping to secure a special licensing agreement for the wider Pelican sweeper to be able to sweep in Tokyo, because, as Abramowski explained, “The Pelican sweeper is three inches wider than Japanese laws allow, so we needed to get a special permit.”

“We look forward to future sales announcements as we bring the legendary Pelican sweeper into the Japanese marketplace with the help of our partners at Daiichi Jitsugyo,” said Abramowski. He went on to say, “Our mechanical, pure vacuum, regenerative air, alternative fuel and waterless dust control sweeping technologies are well-positioned to become the standards for street sweeping in Japan.”

For more information on the Pelican sweeper, please contact your local Elgin Sweeper dealer, or visit www.elginsweeper.com to find a dealer near you.