Equipment Financing Advice: 25-Years in the Making

It’s a new year, and we’re cautiously optimistic that 2023 will bring a more stable approach to business. What do we mean by that? 2020 and most of 2021 kept us knee-deep in changes due to the pandemic, and 2022 brought no less than nine interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, including price increases at the grocery store, gas pump, and everywhere else. The aftershock of this shake-up certainly took a toll on businesses.

We’ve learned over the past few years that our customers are resilient and smart business owners, overcoming challenges some retired owners didn’t experience throughout their lifetime. Since Oakmont Capital Services (OCS) is celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, we’re here to offer a few tips we’ve amassed over the years to help you thrive in 2023.

Why Consider Commercial Equipment Financing?

Financing equipment is a savvy way to build commercial credit, increase cash flow, and ensure you get the equipment needed to run your business today, especially amid shortages and inventory backlogs. For 25 years, Oakmont Capital Services (OCS) has helped small-to-medium-sized businesses with equipment financing, and we’ve seen it all. In some industries, like paving and sweeping, where cash is often king, we advise customers to take out a business loan because building commercial credit is critical to long-term longevity and success.

Let’s consider two real-life scenarios that have come across the desks of OCS’ finance professionals:

Scenario A: Paving ABC

Paving ABC has been in business for 20 years but utilizes cash for most used equipment purchases. The owner is now ready to expand operations and needs newer equipment to build their fleet. The cash reserves aren’t available to purchase multiple new pieces of equipment, plus keep money in the coffers. So, Paving ABC is considering financing for the first time.
The challenge is that Paving ABC has little to no credit history. When applying for a commercial (or business) loan, a history of payments is necessary to secure a loan and credit history impacts the interest rate – the better a business’ credit, the better the terms. Although Paving ABC might still qualify for a loan, the owner will likely encounter less desirable terms than expected for a company in business for two decades.

Scenario B: Sweeping 123

Sweeping 123 has been in business for ten years and began with one piece of used equipment financed through OCS. The owner began building a commercial credit profile with his first piece of equipment. Over the course of the 48-months he paid off his machine, he began to build business credit, which was reported to a credit bureau (Paynet) by OCS.
When Sweeping 123 landed a contract with a local school district, they needed to purchase a newer sweeper. Working with OCS, the owner secured a lower-rate loan based on their credit history and negotiated payment terms due to his geography and the seasonality of his work. Using equipment financing, Sweeping 123 built business credit, obtained the equipment needed to expand operations, and kept cash flow for expenses like payroll, fuel, maintenance, utilities, and more in the black.

Moral of the story? Creating a solid credit profile is attainable, but expectations must be managed, including understanding realistic terms and ensuring your lender reports to a credit bureau (not all do). Even if your business didn’t start building credit on day one, it’s never too late.

How Can Financing Benefit My Business Come Tax Time?

OCS works with many small-to-medium businesses, so we’re always considering what our customers can do to run a more efficient and profitable business. Did you know that purchasing equipment (and utilizing financing) can help your business’ bottom line? One way to offset costs is to utilize Section 179 during tax season. This section of the IRS Tax Code allows small to medium-sized businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment bought or financed during the tax year, subtracted from the businesses’ gross income. Although your business might not be eligible for Section 179 for this year’s tax returns, consider a purchase before the end of 2023 to offset next year’s taxes.

Section 179 allows businesses to buy both new and used machinery and vehicles. The deduction limit and spending cap have increased over the years, and the bonus depreciation stands at 100 percent. If you’re interested in learning more, contact your tax advisor regarding the specific impact on your business and whether this write-off makes sense for your bottom line.
Want a quick “back of the napkin” calculation on how Section 179 can work for you? Check out OCS’ Section 179 calculator:

How Can OCS Help?

We want small-to-medium-sized businesses to succeed in today’s often uncertain, always competitive landscape. OCS offers a streamlined equipment financing process, and we understand the machines used in the sweeping and paving industries. Our dedicated finance professionals specializing within your industry will gladly guide you through the finance process or answer any preliminary questions you have before applying for a loan. With over two decades of working with business owners, we know your time is valuable and that excellent service matters. Reach out to us anytime. We Make It Possible.

Keara M. Piekanski, MBA, is the Director of Marketing at Oakmont Capital Services (OCS), a direct commercial equipment finance lender. She has nearly two decades of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, working in both the agency and corporate worlds. She has developed strategic plans, implemented multi-media tactics, and built marketing teams that have driven business growth. At OCS, Keara leads, manages, and directs the overall corporate marketing strategy. Keara can be reached at

Michael McElroy, CLFP, is Director of Business Development at Oakmont Capital Services. Michael has established multiple national manufacturer financing programs and created unique solutions to help vendors sell more equipment. His customers appreciate his commitment to personal service and his desire to form long-term relationships in the industries that he serves, including sweeping and paving. Michael can be reached at

The OCS team in both Pennsylvania and Minnesota are passionate about helping fuel business growth for their customers and partners. For 25 years, Oakmont Capital Services (OCS) has helped owners across various industries – including sweeping and paving – finance the equipment needed to run small to medium-sized businesses. OCS provides fast, easy, flexible, and reliable commercial financing with a streamlined, tech-forward approach.