5 Practical Ways To Find New Clients for Your Small Business

As a sweeping contractor, trying to keep up with the seasons of handling tons of work and nearly more work in sight usually leads to attempting to balance both so you can effectively manage your time.

Here are several methods you can practice to get your business out of dry spell seasons and secure more clients for your business, with the chance of retaining them for long-term work.

1. Build Your Online Presence

With the rate of digitalization, not having an online presence equates to being invisible to your clients. Most clients browse search engine results, social media and forums to look for services you can offer. However, without an online presence, your ideal clients cannot find your business or know that you provide cleaning services.

You can begin building your online presence by starting with these basics:
• A website
• Social media presence
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A website helps you showcase your business on your domain and serves as a portfolio that shows potential clients your previous work. With this information, clients can easily infer if you are the right fit and move forward to deal-closing calls. You can post your contact information, such as your email address and phone number, for prospective clients to reach you.

For social media presence, get familiar with the platform where your target audience primarily interacts. From LinkedIn to Facebook, different clients prefer several social media platforms. The critical factor in starting with social media is to research where your target audience stays the most, build your presence there and work on expanding to other platforms.

If you practice good SEO on your web pages, you can rank high on search engine result pages and increase your visibility with prospects interested in your services. Besides clients, your online presence can also help you gain the attention of other contractors in your area.

2. Join a Community

Online communities are filled with people with similar interests, from contractors with similar services to clients looking to hire. By joining a community, you can access like-minded contractors who can refer you or give advice on growing your business and attracting more clients.

These communities can be more than just online, as you can look out for local companies that offer your services and register for office hour meetings and weekend brunches. You can also give your opinions on the latest developments in your industry to improve your reputation as a thought leader and find prospective clients quickly. That reputation can make it easier for you to ask for referrals.

3. Ask for Referrals

Asking your current clients for referrals while you deliver an exceptional job helps you stick to their minds more and bring your name up if their friend is facing a problem you can solve. You can wait for your good works to speak for you, but it is much faster when you ask directly about possible projects you can do well.

When asking for a referral, ensure you deliver a good job that backs up your skill. In cases where you impress your clients and they cannot refer you, they can leave a positive review.

4. Leverage Reviews

In convincing clients to work with you, few attributes match up to your reputation as a business. Prospective customers look for contractors that have proven they can do the job while providing excellent service. You can use positive reviews on your online platforms as testimonials to convince more clients to patronize your business.

Besides asking your customers to drop positive reviews, watch out for the negative ones. You can attend to the negative ones by taking corrective measures to improve your services.

5. Collaborate With Other Contractors

Working with other contractors in your niche can give you access to a broader range of clients, enable you to take on bigger contracts and secure beneficial business relationships.

For collaborating with others, ensure you connect with a reputable business for your reputation and experience to gain from the partnership.

Implementing any of these methods requires patience and consistency as your efforts build over time and provide exponential results. As you get more clients, putting in the right amount of dedication to satisfying them is vital. However, remember to focus on the clients that suit your business’s goals the most and work on converting them to retainers so you can reduce or eliminate your dry seasons.