Urban Life Solutions

The need for quality street sweeping service is as great in Canada as it is in the US. But the climate, terrain, and economics of the Great White North make the profile of the average successful Canadian street-sweeping company a bit different. Like most things that vary from nation to nation, American and Canadian street sweepers are more similar than they are different. But this makes the differences stand out even more.

Urban Life Solutions (ULS) is a nationwide Canadian street-sweeping company. But because of Canada’s size, ruggedness, and cold climate, they have a slightly different focus. This difference begins to show in the fact that they refer to their service type as “outdoor service.” When we go over what they do, this will begin to make more sense.

Uniting Canada’s Leading Outdoor Service Providers

What makes ULS unique is the fact that they have brought together the leading Canadian outdoor service providers giving its customers access to the full spectrum of outdoor services under one roof.

As a result, Government Agencies, Municipalities, and Commercial Portfolio Holders can benefit from a host of services all of which offer the same accountability, dedication to quality work, and great customer service. This gives ULS the power to offer competitive pricing, flexibility, and accountability through a single, nationally trusted name.

With a focus on supporting the growth of the organizations they serve, ULS has united a crack team of best-in-class Canadian outdoor service providers. So, let’s take a look at the needs each of the service providers cater to and learn what ULS is all about.

ULS Brand Affiliates

What you get when you work with ULS is something of a Swiss Army knife of complete outdoor solutions. What makes them great is enabling you to make one call, visit one site, and deal with one tight-knit management group for the full spectrum of quality outdoor solutions. So, let’s look under the hood.

United Life Solutions

Specializing in landscape design and construction, lawn care, snow, and ice control, and more, ULS makes up the core of its affiliated services – offering consolidation and management for all of its industry-leading partners.

City Wide

City Wide is a leader in roadside solutions with service areas in Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, Red Deer, and beyond. It’s an absolutely massive service area, and CW delivers on-demand service and scheduling. When it comes to comprehensive outdoor service, you never know when towing will be needed, and that’s where CW comes into the mix.

P Munro

Like ULS, P Munro offers snow and ice management and a list of landscaping services. They cover service areas that ULS does not, and in areas where their coverage does overlap, P Munro avoids being redundant by adding heavy equipment rentals and hardscaping maintenance. P Munro reaches more than 35 cities and serves a wide range of organization types.

John Sweeping

In case you were beginning to think actual street sweeping was being glossed over, well, in comes John Sweeping. They have been a leader in Canadian street sweeping services for years with water trucks, sweeper trucks, dump trucks, ploughs, and the expert crews needed to put them to professional use.

Grass Chopper Landscaping

For top-quality landscaping services across a range of categories, Canadians have called on Grass Chopper Landscaping for more than 20 years. They have coverage areas and speciality services that no one else in the ULS group offers. When you call ULS with a landscaping need that only GCL can cover, that’s who shows up.

Forest Ridge Landscaping

Yet another landscaping arm on the ULS octopus, Forest Ridge Landscaping add even more capabilities to this list of services. FRL has been in business for more than 22 years, serving Canadians primarily inside the Greater Toronto Area. FRL is one of the very few full-service landscaping companies in Canada that provide all of their services all year long.

Why ULS Leads the Pack

With all these competent, professional, and experienced companies under one collective roof, you might be asking why ULS gets to play captain. The reason is simple. They have exhibited superior delegation, management, and organizational capabilities. You can bet that they didn’t just get first crack at the captain’s chair handed to them. They earned it.

In reality, ULS pulled well ahead of the pack when it came to organizing and coordinating all of these disparate services. Their unique value proposition is the ability to take everything that their partners are each best at and get them to work together in a way that amounts to superior end results for clients.

As far as their partners are concerned, they will tell you that they love the arrangement. We spoke to one team leader who told us, “With this set-up, we don’t need to worry about anything but doing great customer service, cleaning up lots, delivering great landscaping, and leaving the site knowing we did a great job.”

When you take an expert like that and force him to do all the pencil pushing as well, the service suffers. At the end of the day liberating their fellow outdoor service professionals from having to engage in disruptive managerial processes is what ULS is all about.